Job 11 Bible Study


Job 11 Outline


– Zophar rebuked Job for self justifying himself (Job 11:1-6)

– Zophar rebuked Job for questioning God (Job 11:7-12)

– Zophar encouraged Job to repent and seek God’s help (Job 11:13-20)



Job 11 Summary


In Job 11:1-6, Zophar, the Naamathite rebuked Job about his empty talk because he felt Job is not as righteous as he had described. Zophar said that if God speak, he will surely reveal to Job that he is a sinner so that Job now really realize his sins. Zophar said Job deserve to be punished more.


In Job 11:7-12, Zophar rebuked Job for questioning God. Zophar pointed out that God is the head of all things and no one can hinder him if he want to do something. Zophar explained that it is evil to not consider the wickedness of man. Zophar sarcastically called Job an empty headed man, meaning Job is stupid and will be wise when a wild donkey give birth to a man, meaning that it couldn’t be that Job is righteous and yet he was struck with these disasters. Zophar is trying to say that it must be that Job had sinned that God struck him with all these disasters.


In Job 11:13-20, Zophar pointed out that if Job repent and seek God’s mercy, his circumstances will turn around. Zophar warned Job that the wicked who refused to repent will be punished and their hope will be dashed completely.



Job 11 Bible Study


1. Don’t twist God’s words to support falsehood

Zophar and his friends falsely used God’s words to make Job guilty. It is wrong to twist God’s words to support our own circumstances. We must not lie to ourselves but always stand in the truth. We should not make judgment on people because only God is judge (Matthew 7:1; James 4:12). Judging makes you a judge so it is a sin.