Job 14 Bible Study


Job 14 Outline


– Job complained about his short and miserable life (Job 14:1-6)

– Job reasoned a tree has a better fate than men (Job 14:7-12)

– Job wished God could put him to death and let him come back to earth for a second chance after reconciliation (Job 14:13-17)

– Job compared the dashing of his hope to the erosion of nature (Job 14:18-22)



Job 14 Summary


In Job 14:1-6, Job felt that life is short and it is full of troubles. After death, there is no more second chance of continuing in life. Job complained that God should have pitied him and not struck him with all these disasters on such a man like him. Job reasoned that God is the one who determine how long we live. Job pleaded with God to turn away his wrath from him so that he can get his reward for what he worked for like a hired man and finish life in peace.


In Job 14:7-12, Job argued that a tree is better than a man. If a tree die, it can sprout again from the ground. If the root die, the stump will be left. Watering the stump will make it grow out branches. But if a man die, he will no longer have a second chance to live. Like water that disappear from the sea, a man who die will disappear and no longer return. Job had a false understanding of the afterlife. When a man die, he does not just disappear. Each of us has a spirit and the spirit will never die. Your spirit will go to heaven or descend into hell depend on whether you are faithful to God while you are on earth.


In Job 14:13-17, Job wished God to kill him and send him to the grave until he has relented his anger from him. Job reasoned if a man will live again after death. Job does not hope for a restoration with God during this lifetime so he is thinking if he could get a reconciliation with God and come back to life after God killed him and send him to the grave. Job reasoned surely God will not keep track of his sin after he come back to the second chance of life on earth from death.


In Job 14:18-22, Job made comparison of how God dashed his hope to that of a mountain falling and rock that is removed out of his place, waters wear the stones and how the soil of the earth is washed away. Job felt that he is completely defeated by God. Job mourned for all the disasters that had came upon him and the pain he felt in the body.



Job 14 Bible Study


1. The resurrection at Jesus’ second coming

Job did not understand much about life after death. After we die, we will either go to heaven or hell depend on what we do on earth. Jesus is coming back to the earth to rapture his faithful believers soon. At the rapture, the dead will be risen from the grave and the faithful will be raptured into the sky. The bodies of the dead will gloriously transformed and be united with the souls of the faithful believers. After that, we will live in immortality in heaven with Jesus forever. Only those who faithfully obey God’s commandments and keep themselves clear from sins can enter into heaven. Sinning against even one God’s commandment will cause you to be punished in hell (1 Corinthians 15:50-58; 1 Thessalonians 4:15-17).