Job 17 Bible Study


Job 17 Outline


– Job had a broken spirit (Job 17:1-2)

– Job asked God to reconcile with him and restore him (Job 17:3-5)

– Job will continue to hope in God nevertheless (Job 17:6-9)

– Job felt hopeless (Job 17:10-16)



Job 17 Summary


In Job 17:1-2, Job felt broken in his heart and that he is ready to die because his friends keep on provoke him with their false counsel.


In Job 17:3-5, Job requested God to put down a hedge for him as protection. He asked for God to reconcile with him. Job felt that God had caused his friends to fail to understand the situation therefore, God will not exalt him. Job would not flatter his friends and approve their counsels because it will give people a negative impression.


In Job 17:6-9, Job felt that he is now being an object of ridicule by people because of the disasters that happened to him. Job’s eyes had grown dim from crying so much and now he no longer care for himself. Job said that righteous men who see him will call him a hypocrite. Yet, Job still has this gleam of hope that God will surely raise him up and bless him because he is righteous and had not done anything wrong.


In Job 17:10-16, Job sarcastically challenged his friends to come back again. He is saying this as an insult to them because they falsely accused him. Job accepted that he had good years in the past but he shall probably die progressively and then enter into the after life where life probably will be better for him. But, Job really did not want to die and he just want God to restore him.



Job 17 Bible Study


1. Surrender your problem to God and hope in him

Job continued to have hope in God that one day he will be restored. Whenever you face a problem, you should surrender it to God. Jesus Christ said all who are burdened and weary should come to him and surrender their problems to him, and then, they will find rest. You must keep on praying and seeking God until you get what you pray for. Jesus Christ is our shepherd so we should turn to him and let him guide our lives. God has a wonderful plan for each of us (Jeremiah 29:11). God works all things for the good of his people (Romans 8:28).