Job 18 Bible Study


Job 18 Outline


– Bildad tired of arguing with Job (Job 18:1-3)

– Bildad advised Job to stop arguing with him (Job 18:4)

– Bildad described the fate of the sinful people (Job 18:5-21)



Job 18 Summary


In Job 18:1-3, Bildad is getting tired of arguing with Job. He rebuked Job for his self justification and regarding them stupid in his sight.


In Job 18:4, Bildad said Job is wasting time arguing to self justify himself because all the evidence about his sinfulness can be seen in his condition. Bildad said Job will tear himself into pieces of he keeps on getting angry over his problem.


In Job 18:5-6, Bildad used the same principle that the wicked will perish and that they live their lives in darkness to describe Job as one of them. Bildad wanted to point out that Job has a gloomy future.


In Job 18:7-10, Bildad described that a sinful man will surely suffer the consequences of his sins. Because of the man’s sinfulness, he will get into the trouble he sets up himself, like a snare that capture a prey by the heel.


In Job 18:11-16, Bildad described that a sinful man will consistently face troubles on every side. Bildad describe Job’s sores by using the metaphor devors patches of skin. Bildad is trying to convince Job that his problems are caused by his own sins so that he can confess his sins and repent. Bildad used the term king of terrors to personify death in Job. Bildad described Job’s fate as that of Sodom of Gomorrah, where God rained down sulfur and brimstone to destroy the residents because the sinfulness of the city.


In Job 18:17-21, Bildad described that a sinful man will be punished for his own sins and no one will remember his name on earth. They will be completely destroyed by God and their children will all be killed. Bildad attacked Job by using such harsh words because he think doing so can wake him up and change his mind to admit his sins and repent.



Job 18 Bible Study


1. The wage of sin is death

Bildad tried to change Job’s mind by threatening him about the consequences of people who sin, that they will be destroyed completely by God eventually. Bildad is wrong in saying that because he is judging his situation based on his own knowledge. We cannot judge because only God is judge (James 4:12). We should leave all judgment to God. The wage of sin is death (Romans 6:23). If you have a bad habit, you should get rid of it otherwise it can destroy you. For example, if you had a bad habit of stealing things, you should get rid of it otherwise you will get yourself into trouble one day. Nothing can be hidden from God. God’s eyes are looking to and fro in this earth and he knows what is happening all over the earth at all time (2 Chronicles 16:9). Sinners will be punished while they are on earth or after death.