Job 19 Bible Study


Job 19 Outline


– Job rebuked his friends for wronging him (Job 19:1-6)

– Job felt God is not answering his prayer like before (Job 19:7-12)

– Job felt rejected by the people (Job 19:13-20)

– Job begged his friends to stop criticizing and hurting him (Job 19:21-22)

– Job looked to God as his redeemer (Job 19:23-29)



Job 19 Summary


In Job 19:1-6, Job rebuked his friends for wronging him by saying he is facing all these troubles because of his sins. If it is God who struck him with these disasters, then it must be that God has wronged him because Job knew he did not do anything wrong to deserve these problems.


In Job 19:7-12, Job felt that God is not hearing his crying out to him, like previously. He felt that God has destined his future to be in darkness and taken away the successes that he deserve. He felt completely disappointed. He felt God has treated him as an enemy and is eager to attack him so that he will be a failure.


In Job 19:13-20, Job felt rejection among the people around him including his acquaintances, relatives, close friends, the people in his household, and his wife. Job felt even more discomforted when he think of the prospect that he is also going to die.


In Job 19:21-22, Job begged his friends to sympathize with him and stop rebuking him with harsh words. Job couldn’t stand all these anymore because of all the disasters that God had struck him and upon looking at his unhealthy condition and the closeness to death.


In Job 19:23-29, Job had a wish that all his words were recorded so that they could help people who go through the same situation in the future. Now, his wish is fulfilled that all his words were recorded in the book of Job in the bible. Job still hope in God and look to him as his redeemer. Job no longer hope for being alive on this earth. He believed that he will see God and his restoration on him after life on the earth. Job believe that he will see God one day. Finally, Job warned his friends about God’s judgment for making false judgment on him.



Job 19 Bible Study


1. God is our redeemer

Job still hope in God and he believed that God will one day save him from all his troubles. Whatever problem you face, you should discuss it with God and let him help you (Matthew 11:28; Isaiah 28:12; Jeremiah 31:25; John 7:37).


2. Don’t judge or you will be judged

Job’s friends tried to judge Job based on their own viewpoints. In the end, God commanded Job’s friends to offer sacrifices to him and Job will pray for them before he forgive them. Only God is judge so we must not make any judgment on people (James 4:12; Romans 14:4; James 5:9; Matthew 7:1).