Job 22 Bible Study


Job 22 Outline


– Eliphaz explained that men is of nothing to God whether wise or foolish (Job 22:1-3)

– Eliphaz claimed that all these disasters came because Job sinned (Job 22:4-11)

– Eliphaz said God knows all the wicked things Job had done (Job 22:12-20)

– Eliphaz advised Job to repent and turn back to God (Job 22:21-30)



Job 22 Summary


In Job 22:1-3, Eliphaz felt Job think too highly of himself. Therefore, Eliphaz said whether a man is wise or foolish, he won’t be profitable to God. Eliphaz said this because he wanted Job to know that God does not need Job and Job is of nothing to God.


In Job 22:4-11, Eliphaz explained that God struck Job with all these disasters not because Job feared God but because Job had committed many sins. Eliphaz accused Job of sinning in many ways in Job 22:6-9. Eliphaz had no evidence on the accusations he made on Job. The only evidence is Job’s poor health and he had lost everything he had.


In Job 22:12-20, Eliphaz rebuked Job for thinking that God don’t know the evil deeds that he had done in the past. Eliphaz reminded Job about how God destroyed the people on the whole earth by a flood during Noah times because of their wickedness. Eliphaz reasoned that God will always bless and keep the righteous safe but he will punish those who sin against him.


In Job 22:21-30, Eliphaz advised Job to repent and turn back to God. Eliphaz said God will build him up and bless him again if Job humble himself and repent from his sins.


Job 22 Bible Study

1. Always maintain a clear conscience before God

In Job 22:26, if you lift up your face to God, you will find delight in him. Whenever you sin, you should confess it to God and repent so that you will maintain a clear conscience before God. In 1 John 1:9, God who is just and faithful will surely forgive you and wipe away your sins if you confess your sins and repent. If you don’t confess your sins to God, you are giving the devil an opportunity to attack you. In Ephesians 4:27, neither give place to the devil. God knows everything so we cannot hide our sins from God. We will all be rewarded according to our deeds after we die. The faithful will receive their rewards in heaven while the sinners will be punished in hell.