Job 35 Bible Study


Job 35 Outline


– Elihu confronted Job’s self justification (Job 35:1-3)

– Elihu rebuked Job for having no fear and respect for God (Job 35:4-8)

– Elihu claimed Job is proud so God won’t hear his plea (Job 35:9-16)



Job 35 Summary


In Job 35:1-3, Job previously said God treated him like an enemy and punish him even though he did not do anything wrong. Elihu now question Job back if he thinks this is right. Elihu rebuked Job for arguing that God blessed the wicked and keep them in safety even though they do bad things.


In Job 35:4-8, Elihu wanted Job to know that God is higher than him. It doesn’t affect God if we do good or bad. Elihu felt that Job no longer fear and respect God so he said this.


In Job 35:9-16, Elihu claimed that God did not want to hear Job’s empty talk and answer his plea because he was proud and wicked. Elihu wanted Job to understand that God is right in his judgment on him.



Job 35 Bible Study


1. Be humble and acknowledge your sins

Everyone is a sinner and is prone to do mistake. If you do something wrong, someone may come and tell you you are wrong and you may not like that. We must always be humble and think why others confront us and contemplate over the actions we have taken. If you are wrong, you must humble yourself and admit it. In 1 John 1:8, if we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.