Job 36 Bible Study


Job 36 Outline


– Elihu pleaded with Job and his friends to keep listening to him (Job 36:1-4)

– Elihu pointed out that the obedient will be rewarded and sinners will be punished (Job 36:5-12)

– Elihu hinted that Job is increasing God’s wrath by keep on maintaining his integrity (Job 36:13-14)

– Elihu said God will restore Job if Job repent (Job 36:15-21)

– Elihu described God’s majesty (Job 36:22-26)

– Elihu described God as an awesome creator (Job 36:27-33)



Job 36 Summary


In Job 36:1-4, Job and his friends were probably impatient with Elihu. Elihu noticed this and he pleaded with them to keep listening. Elihu was confident that his words are God’s truth.


In Job 36:5-12, Elihu repeated the principles again, that God rewards those who obey him and punish those who disobey him. Elihu said that anyone who repent and turn back to God will be blessed but anyone who refuse to repent will perish.

In Job 36:13-14, Elihu described that those who persistently refuse to confess their sins and repent are increasing God’s wrath on them. Elihu described that those who are stubborn to acknowledge their sins will die in their youth.


In Job 36:15-21, Elihu pointed out that God would have restore Job if he repented from his sins. But Job refused to listen to them because he was sure that he did not do anything wrong to deserve God’s punishment.


In Job 36:22-26, Elihu thought Job had a low view of God so he emphasize here the majesty of God. Elihu pointed out that God is the greatest teacher who teach us his ways. God created the whole universe for the enjoyment of human being. Therefore, mankind must praise the work of God enthusiastically. God is beyond our understanding but whatever happen on this earth is God’s will.


In Job 36:27-33, Elihu pointed out that God is an awesome creator by describing the distillation process of how the water from the streams was evaporated into the cloud and how the cloud pour down rain on the earth; and the thunders and lightnings to make the crop grows and feed the people of different nations.



Job 36 Bible Study


1. Confess your sins and repent

All sinners will be punished either on earth or after death. Everyone is a sinner because of the seed of sin that we inherit from our earliest ancestors, Adam and Eve. Everyday, we should examine ourselves to see if we have sin against God in any way. If you are not sure whether you have sin in any way, you should ask the Holy Spirit to tell you. In 1 John 1:9, if we confess our sins, God who is just and faithful will forgive us and purify us from all unrighteousness.



2. God surpasses our understanding

Everything that happen is part of God’s will. If you face a problem, you should not blame God and curse him. Instead, you should thank him. In 1 Thessalonians 5:18, in every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.