1 Timothy 5 Bible Study


1 Timothy 5 Outline


– Don’t rebuke an older man but encourage him like a father (1 Timothy 5:1)

– Treat older women like mother and younger women like sisters (1 Timothy 5:2)

– Church should help widows who are left alone, without any support (1 Timothy 5:3)

– Family members should care for widow relatives (1 Timothy 5:4-8)

– Widows that receive church support should be over 60 years old and do all kinds of good deeds (1 Timothy 5:9-10)

– Younger widows should not be supported by the church because they can remarry (1 Timothy 5:11-15)

– Women followers should care for the widows in their family (1 Timothy 5:16)

– Gospel workers have the rights to receive revenue from church (1 Timothy 5:17-18)

– The church should not entertain accusation against an elder unless it is supported by 2 or 3 witnesses (1 Timothy 5:19)

– Leaders who sin should be rebuked publicly (1 Timothy 5:20)

– Don’t show partiality or favoritism to anyone (1 Timothy 5:21)

– The church should not be hasty in ordaining people into ministry (1 Timothy 5:22)

– Paul encouraged Timothy to drink wine to improve his health (1 Timothy 5:23)

– No sin can be hidden from God and they will be revealed on judgment day (1 Timothy 5:24)


1 Timothy 5 Bible Study


In 1 Timothy 5:1, Paul instructed Timothy not to rebuke an older man but exhort him like a brother and treat the older women like mothers, and the younger women as sisters with purity. We must show respect to those who are older than us. In Ephesians 6:1-3, children should obey their parents so that all go well with them. Leviticus 19:32 says you shall stand up before a gray head and honor the face of an old man and fear God. In 1 Peter 5:5, those who are younger should submit to the elders. Instead of rebuking an elder, we should gently remind him of his wrong by using God’s words and lead him to repentance.

In Timothy 5:2, we should treat older women like our mothers, accepting advices from them. The younger women should be treated like sisters in Christ. Timothy was expected to treat the younger women with proper conduct, not flirting or having affair with them.

In 1 Timothy 5:3-6, Paul instructed Timothy to give respect to the real widows, who are old and left one and have no one to assist them. The church should give the real widows financial support. If the widow has children or grandchildren, her children or grandchildren should care for her. Caring for a widow parent is pleasing to God. A widow who receives support from the church should have all the Christian values and serve the church by offering supplications and prayers every day. She who lives in pleasure is dead because she did not live her life for God but has wasted it away.

In 1 Timothy 5:7-8, Paul instructed Timothy to teach the people to care for their widow parents so that they will not sin and be blamed. Paul said anyone family member who did not care for his widow relatives has denied his faith and is worser than unbelievers. God’s commandment sums up to love others as much as you love yourself. When you see a widow in need, you should do your best to help her. In Matthew 5:42, we should give to those who ask and not turn away from those who borrow from you.

In 1 Timothy 5:9-10, widows that should be put on the list are those that are under 60 years old. Widows who accept the church’s financial support should possess godly character and be diligent in serving the Lord such as raising up children, show hospitality, wash the saints’ feet, help those in trouble and do different types of good deeds.

In 1 Timothy 5:11-15, the younger widows should not be added to the support roll of the church because they can remarry and find support from their new husbands. Paul said that many younger widows have broken the first pledge they made to God, and walk away from his commandments and inappropriately conduct themselves in order to find someone to marry again. Paul encouraged younger widows to remarry, have children and manage their homes so that Satan won’t have opportunity to attack them.

In 1 Timothy 5:16, if a woman Christian has a widow in her family, she should care for her instead of letting the church be burdened. In James 1:27, true religion is pure and faultless and it involves caring for orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself away from the corruption of the world.

In 1 Timothy 5:17-18, elders, who are leaders of the church such as pastors, deacons and elders, should be given proper recognition as they deserve double honor. Every gospel worker of the church has the right to receive a salary, so that they can support themselves.

In 1 Timothy 5:19-20, Paul instructed Timothy to ignore any accusation that is brought against an elder, unless it is established by 2 or 3 witnesses (2 Corinthians 13:1). He also instructed Timothy to rebuke the leaders who sin openly so that others will not commit the same sin. Leaders have a higher accountability to God. If leader is wrong, the sheep will go astray as well. Therefore, rebuking the leader who had sinned in the public is necessary so that the whole church will know his wrong and not follow in his footstep. In Luke 12:48, more is demanded from those given and entrusted much but those who do things they don’t know is wrong will be beaten with few blows.

In 1 Timothy 5:21, Paul instructed Timothy to keep the instructions he gave him and do nothing out of favoritism. We must not show prejudism or favoritism to people but treat everyone with equality.

In 1 Timothy 5:22, Paul instructed Timothy not to be hasty in laying hands and ordaining people into ministry but wait for some time to let them prove themselves that they really love God and follow him. Paul also encouraged Timothy not to share in the sins of others. Sharing in the sins of others includes sinning with disregard to God’s commandment. Sharing in the sins of others also includes ignoring the sins of others and not rebuking them and joining a church that spread false teachings.

In 1 Timothy 5:23, Paul advised Timothy to drink a little wine to treat his frequent illnesses instead of just drinking water. He said this because drinking wine will improve his health. Christians can drink alcoholic beverage but not drink until become drunk or addicted to it (Ephesians 5:18; 1 Corinthians 5:11).

In 1 Timothy 5:24, everyone is a sinner. God knows all our sins and they will be revealed on the judgment day, when everyone will stand before him and be accountable to their deeds while on earth.