1 Peter 3 Bible Study


1 Peter 3 Outline


– Wives must respect husbands (1 Peter 3: 1-7)

– Suffering for the name of Jesus (1 Peter 3:8-22)



1 Peter 3 Bible Study


In 1 Peter 3:1-7, wives must always be submissive to their husbands. If your husband is not a believer, you must preach the gospel to him. He may not listen but if he saw how your life changed for Jesus, he can changed his mind. You are a testimony for your husband so you should live your life in a way that honor God. The most important thing is the inner beauty not the outer beauty such as gold jewelry or hairdos. Sarah put Abraham first by calling him her master. Husbands must always be considerate towards theri wives. Although you are the head of the household, you must respect her. In this way, the devil cannot have anything to say against you and your prayer will be heard by God.


In 1 Peter 3:8-12, as the disciples of Christ, we must love people and treat them with kindness. We must quit gossipping about others, cursing people, lying and doing other kinds of evil things that don’t please God. If you obey Jesus, God will watch over you and listen to your prayer. Sin separates us from God so sinning will cause your prayer to be not heard. If you sincerely confess your sins but have problem in overcoming the sin, you can ask for God’s grace to help you overcome it. If you purposely do evil and claimed to have not sinned, God will oppose you.


In 1 Peter 3:13-17, we should not be afraid of the one that can harm our body and not our soul (Matthew 10:28). The one that can harm our body are the people who don’t believe in Jesus and persecute Christians. The one who has the authority to decide the destiny of our soul is God. If we obey God, we can spend eternity in heaven with Jesus. When you suffer for Christ’s name, you will be rewarded in heaven. We must always honor Christ and never deny him no matter the circumstances. If you deny Jesus, Jesus will deny you. When someone asks you about your faith in Jesus, you must give them a clear answer. You must imitate the examples of Christ so that people can see that you are really a true follower. It is better to suffer for doing right because you will be rewarded in heaven for that. Whatever you do for Jesus, you will be rewarded.


In 1 Peter 3:18, Jesus was the innocent lamb who died for our sins on the cross and raised to life on the third day. Through the sacrifice of Jesus himself, we are able to reconcile with God and receive the forgiveness of our sins.


In 1 Peter 3:19-20, after Jesus died, he descended into the Hades and preached to the lost souls in the prisons. Getting baptized means burying your old self along with Jesus. It means you have to die to your bad habits and sins and start living for Jesus with a clear conscience. Jesus already resurrected and have victory over death. Through the resurrection of Jesus, we are able to overcome all kinds of weaknesses. After Jesus ascended to heaven, he sits at the right side of God. The right side of God is a place of honor and power. Jesus Christ now rule over all the authorities. He is the king of kings and prince of princes.