Acts 22 Bible Study



Acts 22 Outline

– Paul was born a Roman citizen in Tarsus, in Cilicia but brought up in Jerusalem (Acts 22:1-3)

– Paul used to persecuted believers (Acts 22:4-5)

– Paul explained how he became a follower (Acts 22:6-16)

– God bade Paul to leave Jerusalem when he was in a trance at the temple (Acts 22:17-21)

– The crowd refused to listen to Paul (Acts 22:22)

– The Roman commander had Paul taken into the barrack and flogged him (Acts 22:23-24)

– Paul informed the centurion and commander that he was a Roman citizen (Acts 22:25-29)

– The Roman commander released Paul and had him stood before the Sanherin (Acts 22:30)

Acts 22 Summary

Paul addressed the crowd in Aramaic, telling them he was a Jew, born in Tarsus, in Cilicia, but raised in Jerusalem. Paul was taught by Gamaliel and he was trained in the Law of Moses. Paul used to be zealous for the law, just like the Jews. In the past, Paul persecuted the followers up to their death but he changed and was converted into a believer after his encounter with Jesus on the way to Damascus. While on the way to Damascus, a bright light shone at him at noon. The light was so bright that it blinded his eyes and he was led into Damascus by the land of his traveling companions. Paul recounted how Ananias came to pray for him and his eyesight was restored. Later, he was baptized.

When Paul was in the temple praying, God called out to Paul, telling him to make haste to leave because the Jews will not accept his testimony concerning Jesus and he will send him into the Gentiles. Paul replied that the Jews knew how he persecuted the followers by imprisoning them and that he was there when the Jews stoned Stephen to death. He stood there and guarded the clothes of those who killed Stephen, to express his approval.

The crowd listened to Paul up to this point and then they shouted to get rid of him. The Roman commander commanded for Paul to be brought into the barracks, flogged and questioned why the people were shouting against him like that. Paul questioned the centurion whether it is legal to beat a Roman citizen. When the citizen heard this, he reported it to the commander. The commander asked Paul whether he is a Roman citizen and he replied he was born a Roman citizen although the commander had to pay a big price for his Roman citizenship. The commander was alarmed when he heard this.

On the following day, the commander released Paul and had him stood before the Sanherin to find out why the people had brought the accusation against him.

Acts 22 Bible Study

1. Be a witness for the gospel

In Acts 22:14, Ananias told Paul that God had chosen him to know his will, see Jesus and hear his voice. God’s will for Paul is to be his witness to all men of what he has seen and heard. Everyone has the responsibility to tell the gospel to other people. As Christians, we must be a witness for the gospel through all aspects of our lives including our lifestyle, speech, job and etc. Whatever we do must be to bring glory to God. In 1 Corinthians 10:31, whether you eat, drink or whatever you do, should be done to give glory to God so that people can see Jesus in you and come to believe in him. In Colossians 3:17, whatever you do including your words and deeds should be done all in Jesus name, giving thanks to God the Father. In 1 Peter 4:11, when you speak, you should speak God’s words. When you serve, you should do it with God’s strength. In this way, God’s name will be praised.

2. The gospel is for all nations

The Jews raised their voice and shouted to get rid of Paul after he said God is sending him to the Gentiles. The Jews did not approve that the gentiles can receive eternal life, like them. The gospel is for all nations. Through God’s grace, anyone who believe in Jesus Christ can be saved and receive eternal life. In Romans 10:9, anyone who confess Jesus is Lord and believe that he was raised from the dead on the third day will be saved.

3. Put your trust in God

When God called Paul to leave Jerusalem, Paul replied the Jews knew how he used to persecute the followers in the past. God had chosen Paul to bear witness of the gospel before the Gentiles, kings and Jews. God knew Paul will have to suffer a lot for the sake of the gospel. Paul knew God’s will and he trusted in God to guide him. God has a wonderful plan for each of us. Before you do anything, you should pray for God’s guidance so that you may know his will and walk in his plan (Jeremiah 29:11).