Acts 27 Bible Study


Acts 27 Outline


– A centurion called Julius was assigned to supervise Paul and other prisoners (Acts 27:1)

– Paul and other prisoners boarded a ship to Italy from Adramyttium (Acts 27:2)

– Julius allowed Paul to go to his friends to meet his needs at Sidon (Acts 27:3)

– They sailed past the lee of Cyprus, coast of Cylicia, Pamphylia and arrived at Myra in Lycia (Acts 27:4-5)

– Julius made the people boarded an Alexandrian ship to Italy (Acts 27:6)

– They sailed to the lee of Crete and arrived at Fair Havens (Acts 27:7-8)

– Paul advised the people that sailing is dangerous at the moment (Acts 27:9-10)

– The centurion did not listen to Paul’s advice and sailed on, hoping to reach Phoenix (Acts 27:11-12)

– The ship was driven by a hurricane storm and they threw the cargo and ship’s tackle overboard (Acts 27:13-20)

– Paul encouraged the men to not give up hope because an angel told him everyone on the ship will be safe (Acts 27:21-26)

– The sailors took sounding of the water depth (Acts 27:27-29)

– Some sailors tried to escape on a lifeboat but Paul informed the centurion and soldiers (Acts 27:30-32)

– Paul urged everyone to eat (Acts 27:33-38)

– The ship struck a sandbar and the bow couldn’t move and the stern was smashed into pieces by the waves (Acts 27:39-41)

– Everyone reached the land safely (Acts 27:42-44)



Acts 27 Summary


Paul and other prisoners were placed under the supervision of a centurion called Julius. The centurion, Julius, was a centurion from the Imperial Regiment. From Adramyttium, they boarded a ship, that sailed along the coast of Asia province. The ship arrived at Sidon. While at Sidon, Julius allowed Paul to go to his friends to let them meet his needs. After that, they sailed passed the lee of Cyprus , coast of Cilicia and Pamphilia, and arrived at Myra. While at Myra, Julius found an Alexandrian ship heading to Italy and he made everyone went onboard. They had difficulty in arriving at Cnidus because of the wind so they sailed to the lee of Crete. It was very difficult to sail to the lee of Crete but they manged to arrive at Fair Havens. It was dangerous to sail at this time because it was after the Day of Atonment. Paul warned the crew that continuing to sail will make the voyage disastrous. They decided that the harbor was difficult to winter in so they continued to sail on.


They put down the anchor and sailed along the shore of Crete when a gentle sound wind blew. But, a short period later, a hurricane wind called the Northeaster blew against the island and the ship was driven along and passed by a small island called Cauda. When they passed by Cauda, they found they could not make the lifeboat secure so they hoisted it aboard and passed ropes beneath the ship to secure it. After that, they lowered the anchors  because they were afraid of hitting the Syrtis sandbards. They threw the cargo and the ship’s tackle into the sea because of the violent storm. There was no daylight or stars for several days during the storm and this caused them to give up hope of getting saved.


After they did not eat for several days, Paul stood up and advised them to not lose hope because an angel appeared to him last night and told him that God has given him the lives of every single person on the ship. Paul told them that they must run aground on an island. On the 14th night, as the ship was still being driven across the Adriatic Sea. The sailors measured the water depth of the sea by using sounding line and they measured 120 feet at first and then 90 feet deep. They were afraid of hitting the rocks so they dropped 4 anchors from the stern. They prayed to God to bring daylight. Some sailors wanted to escape and they let the lifeboat down but Paul informed the centurion and soldiers that they will not be saved if the men don’t stay with the ship. Therefore, the soldiers cut off the ropes and let the lifeboats float away.


Before dawn, Paul urged them to eat so they eat. They haven’t eaten for the past 14 days. There were 276 people on board. After they had eaten all the food they wanted, they threw the rest of the food into the sea to lighten to ship. They came across a land but they did not recognize it during daylight. They cut loose the anchors into the sea and untied the ropes that held the rudders. Then, they hoisted the foresail and head for the beach but it hit a sandbar. The bow couldn’t move and the stern was smashed into many pieces by the waves. The soldiers were contemplating on killing the prisoners but Julius, want to save Paul, told everyone to get to the land by swimming. The rest were to reach the sea by planks or the broken pieces of the ship. Everyone reached the land safely finally.



Acts 27 Bible Study

1. Look to Jesus as Our Savior

The men gave up hope after they didn’t see light for many days. They do not need to be afraid but trust in God. When you are facing a problem, you should look to Jesus for help and not the situation. If you look at the situation, you will be disappointed. If you look to Jesus and trust in him, he will help you. In Romans 10:13, everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.


2. Believe in God’s Promises

When the men were discouraged, Paul encouraged them not to give up hope. He told them about an angel who told him that God has given him the lives of every single person on the ship. Unless God permits, not a single hair of them will fall. We must believe in God’s promises. God is always faithful in keeping his promises. We need to believe God if we want to see him accomplish his promises in our lives.