Acts 5 Bible Study

Acts 5 Outline


– Ananias decided to keep part of the proceeds from the sale of the land with his wife’s knowledge (Acts 5:1-2)

– Ananias lay part of the proceed at the apostles feet but Peter rebuked him and Ananias died (Acts 5:3-6)

– Ananias’ wife came in and lied to Peter about the original amount of the proceed from the land sale and she died as well (Acts 5:7-11)

– Many people brought the sick and demon possessed so that Peter’s shadow could just fall on them and heal them (Acts 5:12-16)

– The authorities imprisoned the apostles (Acts 5:17-18)

– An angel opened the doors of the jail and released the apostles and commanded them to preach in the temple courts about the gospel (Acts 5:19-20)

– The authorities discovered that the apostles were not at the jail (Acts 5:21-24)

– Someone told the authorities that the apostles were standing and teaching at the temple courts (Acts 5:25-26)

– The authorities have the apostles brought from the temple courts to the Sanherin (Acts 5:27-28)

– Peter and the apostles said they would rather obey God than men (Acts 5:29-32)

– The Sanherin wanted to put the apostles to death (Acts 5:33)

– Gamaliel spoke up for Peter and the apostles (Acts 5:34-40)

– The Sanherin flogged the apostles and released them (Acts 5:41-42)



Acts 5 Summary

A man called Ananias sold his land and decided to keep part of the proceeds to himself. His wife knew about this. The man later lay the rest of the money at the feet of the apostles. Peter, prompted by the Holy Spirit, rebuked Ananias for lying to God. He was supposed to give all the proceeds of the land but he kept back part of it and he come to lay the rest at the feet of the apostles. He thought he could hide from the apostles. Then, Peter pronounced God’s judgment of death on him. Immediately, Ananias fell down and died and the young men carried him outside to bury.

After 3 hours, Ananias’ wife came in and Peter questioned her if this is the price she and Ananias had sold for the land. Ananias’ wife replied yes and Peter rebuked her for telling lies. Peter also pronounced God’s judgment of death on Ananias’ wife and Ananias’ wife fell down and died. At this time, the young men who buried Ananias came in and buried her.

God performed many miracles through the apostles. After the incident, the believers no longer meet together in Solomon’s Colonnade but the number of people converting to Christianity keeps on increasing. Many people brought the sick people on beds and mats and wished just the shadow of Peter may fall on them and heal them. Many people brought the sick and demon possessed to Peter from towns around Jerusalem and all of them are healed.

The high priest, his associates and members of the Sadducees party were jealous and they imprisoned the apostles. At night, an angel open the doors of the jail and the apostles escaped. The angel instructed the apostles to preach the message of the gospel which brings new life to the people. The entered into the temple to preach the gospel at daybreak. The high priests and his associated called a meeting of the Sanherin and they sent for the apostles. However, the officers arrived and didn’t find the apostles there. Then, someone said the apostles were standing and teaching at the temple courts. The people went to brought the apostles from the temple courts but they didn’t do it with force.

After the apostles were brought to the Sanherin, the Sandherin rebuked them for preaching the message as if it was the sin of the Jews to crucify Jesus Christ. Peter and other apostles replied they will rather obey God rather than men. God raised Jesus to life. After Jesus ascended into heaven, he sat at the right hand side of God. Jesus is the son of God. He is the messiah, our savior, who offered his blood as ransom for our sins so that we can receive forgiveness and be reconciled back to God.

The Sanherin were angry and wanted to sentence them to death. However, a Pharisee, called Gamaliel who was honored by the people, spoke up for them. Gamaliel told the crowd that some time ago, Thadeus and Judas the Galilean led people to rebel and they were killed eventually but the apostles were not killed but saved from the prison. Gamaliel reasoned that if what they are doing is originated from men, they won’t survive but if what they are doing is God’s will, they cannot resist them.

Then, they had the apostles flogged and instructed them not to speak in Jesus’ name anymore. The apostles left and rejoiced because they were counted worthy to suffer for Jesus.



Acts 5 Bible Study

1. The message of knowledge is a gift of the Holy Spirit

Before Ananias told Peter, Peter already knew that Ananias was attempting to deceive them by laying the money at his feet as if it was the complete proceed from. The message of knowledge is one of the gift of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:8). The gift of the message of knowledge allows you to know beforehand about something. It can be useful when praying for someone because the Holy Spirit will reveal to you about the person’s problem, background and etc.

2. Don’t compromise

Sapphira compromised with her husband, Ananias and lied together with him. We should not compromise to sin no matter in any situation. In 1 John 3:9, anyone who is born of God will not continue to sin because God’s seed is in him and he has been born of God. In 1 John 5:8, anyone who is born of God will not sin and God will keep him safe and the evil one cannot harm him. In Psalm 128:1, blessed are all who fear God and walk in his ways.

3. Do not lie

Ananias and his wife, Sapphira, died for lying to God. Their death serve as a warning to others so that they won’t do the same. Lying to Peter is lying to God because the money is given as an offering to God. In Exodus 20:16, God forbid people from lying. In Colossians 3:9-10, we should not lie to one another but put away the deeds of our old selves. In John 8:44, the devil is the father of all lies. There are many types of lies including plain lies, cheating, overcharging, not paying tax, did not keep God’s commandments and etc. In 1 John 2:4, he that said he know God but did not keep his commandments is a liar because the truth is not in him. In Revelation 21:8, all liars will have their parts in hell.

4. Never deny Jesus otherwise Jesus will deny you before the Father God

When the Sanherin rebuked the apostles, they said they will rather obey God rather than obeying men. We must never deny Jesus no matter in what circumstances. In Matthew 10:33, whoever that denies Jesus before men, Jesus will disown him before the Father God in heaven. In Luke 9:23-26, if any man will come after Jesus, he must deny himself and take up the cross daily and follow him. In Matthew 10:37, he that loves father or mother or son or daughter more than God is not worthy to be Jesus’ disciples. In Luke 14:26, any man that come to Jesus without hating his father, mother, wife, children, brothers and sisters and his own life is not fit to be his disciple. If you want to enter into God’s kingdom, you must be willing to sacrifice yourself and put God first in your life. He who persevere to the end will receive the crown of life (James 1:12; 2 Timothy 4:8).

5. Have faith in God and God will heals you

The people brought the sick and the demon possessed just to let the shadow of Peter fall on them. If you have in God and believe that he can heal you, you will be healed. In Luke 8:40-48, a woman that suffered from had suffered from hemorrhage for 12 years was healed after she touched the edge of Jesus’ garment because she thought she will be healed if she could just touch the edge of Jesus’ garment. In James 4:15, the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well. In James 1:6, when you ask God for something, you must believe and not doubt because he who doubt is like the wave of the sea being tossed around by the wind. He is double minded and unstable in all he does and he should not expect to receive anything from the Lord.