James 2 Bible Study


James 2 Outline


– Treating everyone with equality (James 2:1-13)

– Faith must be manifested with deeds (James 2:14-26)



James 2 Bible Study


In James 2:1-4, we should not show favoritism to people based on their wealth or position in the society. Many Christians treat rich people and people in high positions better and pay them more respect compare to Christians who are poor and has low positions in the society. We often make judgment based on the outward appearance but God looks at our hearts (1 Samuel 16:7). Being proud is a sin. Christians should treat one another with impartiality regardless of wealth, position in society, job, race and skin color. We must always be humble. God exalt those who are humble and bring down those who are proud (Matthew 23:12).

In James 2:5-7, James tells the people not to be partial towards the rich people. Most people who come to believe in Jesus Christ are poor. The poor people have needs so that it is easier for them to respond to the gospel. The rich people already have all they need so they feel that there is more need to believe in God. Most rich people are materialistic and they hold on to their money and refuse to let it go so it can be harder for rich people to enter into the kingdom of God. James reminded them of how the rich people often make exploitation by dragging people into court. Nowadays, many rich people and large companies like to sue people because of money.

In James 2:8-11, the second greatest commandment in the Bible is to love others as yourself (Mark 12:31). To enter into the kingdom of God, you must keep all his commandments in the Bible. If you fail to keep one of the commandments, you have sinned. If you sin, you should confess it and ask for God’s forgiveness.

In James 2:12-13, the law of God gives freedom to those who obey them. Although the law of God gives liberty and life, it is necessary to obey them. By the law of God, everyone will be judged according to their deeds and every word they have spoken with their mouth during the judgment day. We should not treat people in low position with partiality. Instead, we should treat them with mercy. Jesus said that we will be judged according to the judgment we used on others (Matthew 7:2).

In James 2:14-26, faith must be accompanied by deeds. Christians must demonstrate their faith in Christ by serving God and showing love to others. If you don’t have any deed, no one will be able to tell that you are a Christian. If someone is in need, we must help him. Jesus said give to those who ask from you and never reject them (Matthew 5:42). James used the examples of Abraham and Rahab to show that faith and deeds must work together. Every Christian has the responsibility to spread the gospel and evangelize to others. If you don’t share your faith with other non believers, you have sinned. You can pray for a non believer every day until he come to faith in Christ (1 Corinthians 9:6).