John 10 Bible Study


John 10 Outline


– Jesus is the good shepherd who looks after his flock (John 10:1-21)

– Jesus preach to the people at the Festival of Dedication (John 10:22-29)

– Jesus is one with the Father (John 10:30-33)

– Jesus is the son of God (John 10:34-39)

– Many people put their faith in Jesus (John 10:40-42)



John 10 Bible Study


In John 10:1-21, Jesus is the shepherd of the sheep. The thieves or robbers who climb into the sheep pen are the false teachers that teach false doctrine, not according to the standards of the bible. Jesus Christ knows each of us by name. Those who belong to Jesus Christ listen to him and obey his commandments. Satan is the thief. He comes and steal, kill and destroy, He comes to steal something away from you such as peace, health, time with the Lord, job and etc. His purpose is to kill and destroy you so that you will lose your gift of salvation. The hireling is a pastor who does not care about his sheep. The other sheep refers to the Gentiles believer. The Jewish are the first to receive the gift of salvation. Later, the gift of salvation is opened to the Gentiles because the Jews rejected Jesus Christ . Jesus Christ willingly abandoned the riches and glory in heaven so that he can come down to the earth. He chose to obey God’s commandment to come down to the earth and die on the cross for our sins. He loves us so much that he is willing to give up his life to become an atonement for our sins so that we can receive forgiveness and be reconciled with God.

In John 10:22-29, the Festival of Dedication is Hanukkah, which celebrates the re-dedication of the temple after it was desecrated by Antiochus Epiphanes of Syria for 3 years. The Jews asked Jesus to tell them plainly whether he is the Messiah. Jesus said that his works bear witness of him. Jesus said that they don’t believe in him because they are not his sheep. Only his sheep will listen to him and abide in his word. No one can snatch away God’s children from his hand. Nothing can separate us from the love of God, only if you choose to leave him to your own sinful way (Romans 8:39).

In John 10:30-33, Jesus told the people that he and the Father are one. There is only one God. God exists in three forms including Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God’s spirit. The son is Jesus Christ. If you reject one of them, God will reject you as well.

In John 10:34-39, Jesus is trying to tell the people that he is the son of God. He used the scripture from Psalms 82:5-8, which mentioned the ‘gods’ as the children of Gods who will die like mortals. In Psalms 82:8, Jesus is the judge of the people of the earth, who will reign everlastingly.

In John 10:40-42, many people come to Jesus and put their faith in him.