John 7 Bible Study


John 7 Outline


– Jesus visit Judea during the Feast of Tabernacles (John 7:1-13)

– Jesus preached in the public during the Feast of Tabernacles (John 7:14-24)

– The people argued whether Jesus is the Messiah (John 7:25-44)

– The Jewish leaders attempted to arrest Jesus but it was unsuccessful (John 7:45-53)



John 7 Bible Study


In John 7:1-13, Jesus stayed away from Judea because the Jews wanted to capture and put him to death. His brothers told him to go up to Judea to let people know he can perform miracles during the Feast of Tabernacles. The Feast of Tabernacles is a feast that the Jews celebrated in remembrance to how God took care of the Israelites when they are in the desert for 40 years. In turn, Jesus replied that it is not yet God’s timing for him to be handed over to his enemies but for them, they can go at any time. Despite that, Jesus privately went up to Judea later. Jesus’ crucifixion is part of God’s plan. Until God’s timing arrives, Jesus will not be harmed by his enemies. When the people saw Jesus preaching in the public, they begun to discuss among themselves. Some people said he is good while others said he is a deceiver.

In John 7:14-24, when Jesus was preaching in the public, the people were amazed at his knowledge because he did not receive education. Jesus replied that the doctrine he preached is from the Father God who sent him. The doctrine Jesus preached is rooted in the word of God. His wisdom and authority are from the Father God. Jesus questioned the crowd why they wanted to kill him but the crowd replied no one want to kill him. Jesus was saying the Jewish leaders who plotted to take his life. The crowd did not know about this. The Jewish leaders always made plans to kill Jesus because he did what was unlawful on the Sabbath according to their tradition. Jesus reasoned if they can carry out the circumcision rite on the Sabbath, it should also be permitted to heal a person on the Sabbath day.

In John 7:25-44, the crowd argued aren’t Jesus the person that they are looking to sentence to death yet he is speaking publicly. The Old Testament prophecy stated that the Christ will come from Bethlehem but the crowd only know Jesus as from Nazareth. The Jews taught that the Christ will come suddenly to establish an everlasting kingdom. Jesus is the son of God. He existed from the beginning. He was from heaven. No one laid a hand on Jesus because it wasn’t God’s timing yet. Jesus assured them that he will stay on earth for a little longer until he is captured and crucified and ascended into heaven. During the Feast of the Tabernacles, water will be poured out on the altar every day in remembrance of how God provided water for the Israelites. Jesus is saying that he is the living water, the giver of life, and he can satisfy the thirst of a man spiritually. The living water that he give to a person allow him to bless others as well.

In John 7:45-53, the chief priests and the Pharisees asked the temple guards why didn’t they arrest Jesus . They replied that they have never heard someone speak like him. The Pharisees replied that they must have been deceived by Jesus and that the crowd is cursed to believe in Jesus. Nicodemus, whom Jesus explained to him about being born again, reasoned with them that the law cannot condemn anyone without hearing him. The arrest of Jesus was not successful because God’s timing for him to be crucified has not yet arrived.