Luke 11 Bible Study


Luke 11 Outline


– Jesus teaches the people how to pray (Luke 11:1-4)

– The parable about the boldness of a friend who wake up a man for three loaves of bread (Luke 11:5-13)

– The Pharisee accused Jesus of casting out demons by Beelzebub, the prince of demons (Luke 11:14-20)

– The strong man who is attacked by a stronger man (Luke 11:21-28)

– Jesus used the sign of Jonah to predict his death and resurrection (Luke 11:29-32)

– The parable of the lamp (Luke 11:33-36)

– Obeying God’s commandments sincerely from the heart (Luke 11:37-54)



Luke 11 Bible Study


In Luke 11:1-4, after Jesus finished praying, a disciple ask him to teach them how to pray. Then, Jesus teach them how to pray by using a sample prayer. This prayer is recounted in Matthew 6:9-13. God is our father, the creator of everything in this universe. Christians should always pray for the coming of God’s kingdom so that the good news of the gospel can be preached to everywhere around the world. Christians should pray for the churches around the world to send out gospel workers to different countries to preach the gospel so that the full number of the Gentiles can come into the kingdom of God (Romans 11:25). Everyday, we should thank God for our meals and ask Jesus to cleanse them with the blood of Jesus before eating. We should also confess our sins to God and ask him to use the blood of Jesus to cleanse them away so that we can become pure before him. Before confessing your sins, you must ask yourself whether you are holding grudge against anyone. If you have a grudge against anyone, you should forgive him first before asking God to forgive your sins otherwise God won’t forgive you. We should ask God to shine his light through us and lead us on the path of righteousness. In this way, we will not be tempted and go astray from God.

In Luke 11:5-13, Jesus told the people a parable of a friend who wakes up the entire family of a man to ask for 3 loaves of bread. When the man heard the request of the friend outside, he said he did not want to get up and give him the bread. Yet, because of the persistent request of the friend, the man will nevertheless get up and give him as much bread as he needs. It is important that we are persistent in our prayer when we ask God for something. God said we should seek his kingdom first and all things else will be added unto us. If you pray and put God first in your life, God will answer your prayer. When praying to God, you must have faith in him. God loves us and he always want to give us what is best. He has a wonderful plan for everyone of his children. We must pray that God to give us direction on how to walk in his plan. God will give his Holy Spirit to anyone who request it. If you haven’t receive the Holy Spirit, you can ask God to fill you with his Holy Spirit.

In Luke 11:14-20, Jesus cast out the evil spirit of muteness from a dumb man and he was able to speak again. There are many kinds of evil spirits. Evil spirits can cause sickness and weaknesses in us. Once the evil spirit is cast out, the person will be well. Christians should use their authorities and rebuke the evil spirit in Jesus name. When casting out the evil spirit in Jesus name, you must believe (Acts 16:18). Some people accused Jesus of casting out demons by the prince of demons, Beelzebub. When Jesus knew this, he told them that the evil spirit will not come out if he rebuke it by the prince of demons, Beelzebub, which is standing on the side of Satan.

In Luke 11:21-28, Jesus tells the parable of a strong man who is attacked by a stronger man. When the stronger man overpowers him, he divides up the spoils. Satan is the strong man and Jesus is the stronger man. When the demon is cast out in Jesus name, all that have been stolen by the evil spirit will be restored back to the person. In Luke 11:24-26, after the evil spirit come out of the person, he will wander through arid places and not find rest. Then, the evil spirit will bring seven more evil spirits and stay in the person. When the evil spirit is cast out, you must put on the full armor of God so that you will be strong in Christ and not leave any gap in your life to let it attack you. You must read the Bible and focus on the word of God every day. In Luke 11:27, a woman said blessed is Mary who gave birth to Jesus but Jesus replied blessed are the ones that hear and do the word of God. It is important that we obey God’s commandment in the Old Testament and New Testament. Breaking a single commandment can cause you to end up in hell so you must obey all the commandments of God (James 2:10).

In Luke 11:29-32, the people ask for a miraculous sign but Jesus said only the sign of Jonah will be given. Jonah was in the stomach of the big fish for three days and three nights, so will Jesus be in the Hades three days and three nights before he is raised up to life. When Jesus was in the Hades, he preached to the souls there. Then, he led them up into heaven. In the Old Testament times, when people die, their souls will end up in the Hades. At that time, no one is allowed into heaven yet (Acts 2:27; 1 Peter 3:18-20; Revelation 1:18).

In Luke 11:33-36, Jesus used the parable of the lamp to tells his followers that they must shine their light to other people by preaching the gospel and doing evangelism works. If you abide in the word of God, you will be the son of righteousness. If you did not do God’s commandment but do evil, you will be full of darkness.

In Luke 11:37-54, a Pharisee invited Jesus to eat a meal. The Pharisee was surprised to see that Jesus did not wash his hand before meal. It was a custom for the Jews to undergo a hand washing ceremony before eating (Mark 7:3). Jesus said six woes about the Pharisees. The Pharisees invented a lot of new laws to be added to the old law of Moses so that the people have to obey a lot of laws. The Pharisees are known for their showiness. They don’t do what the law states sincerely. They only do it to honor people and get their praises. It is important that we obey God’s law from our hearts sincerely.