Luke 16 Bible Study


Luke 16 Outline


– The shrewd manager who take advantages of his master’s possessions after getting sacked (Luke 16:1-15)

– Keeping God’s commandments in the Old Testament and New Testament (Luke 16:16-17)

– Anyone who divorces his spouse is an adulterer (Luke 16:18)

– The selfish rich man and the beggar Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31)



Luke 16 Bible Study


In Luke 16:1-15, Jesus tells the parable of the shrewd manager. In the parable of the shrewd manager, a master has a manager who is wasting his possessions. When the manager was called to give an account, he decided to cheat by going into the houses of his master’s debtors to collect the debts after he is sacked from the job. He asked the first debtor how much he owe the master and the debtor replied 800 gallons of olive oil. To make it easier for the debtor to pay, he reduce the bill to 400 gallons of olive oil. He asked the second debtor how much he owe the master and he replied 1000 bushels of wheat. To make the debtor pay, he reduce the bill to 800 bushels of wheat. The manager is trying to take advantage of the debts that they owed to his master because he know he will be without money since he is sacked. Jesus is using this parable to tell us that the worldly people like to cheat to get their ways. Many people of this world would cheat to get money. As long as they get the money, they don’t care about the welfare of others. Christians should be different from the people of this world and use their money to help others (1 Timothy 6:18). The second greatest commandment in the bible is that we should love our neighbors as ourselves (Mark 12:31). Jesus said give to those who ask from you. It is a sin to reject to help those who ask help from you (Matthew 5:42). The wage of sin is death. Anyone who sins against God will be punished while on earth or after life in hell. If you give generously to help the needy people, you will receive rewards in heaven (Matthew 6:19-21; Luke 12:33; Luke 18:22). Everyone of us has a heavenly mansion (John 14:2). The mansion is built based on what good work you have done for the Lord while on earth. Jesus said that no one can serve two masters. You can either serve God or money. Many Christians are selfish. They claim they are Christians but they are not generous in helping people. We must love God and obey his commandments sincerely.

In Luke 16:16-17, Jesus said that heaven and earth may pass away but all his word will come into fulfillment. It is important that we obey every commandment in the Old Testament and New Testament. Christians still need to obey the commandments in the Old Testament law except the rites, festivals and complicated laws (Matthew 23:3).

In Luke 16:18, Jesus said that anyone who divorce his wife and marry another woman is an adulterer. Marriage is a bond that God takes serious. You may divorce your wife through filing paper document but in God’s eyes, you did not divorce your wife. You are still considered married to your wife even if you have divorce her through filing paper document. Therefore, if the husband or wife marries another person, he will commit adulterer same as the one who marry them. Husband and wife who have separated should reconciled back to each other.

In Luke 16:19-31, Jesus tells the story of the rich man and Lazarus. In this story, Lazarus is a beggar who always yearned to eat the food that fell from the table of the rich man. The rich man was selfish. He did not give any food to Lazarus even though he as so much food to spare. It happened that both Lazarus and the rich man died. The rich man, who was selfish, was condemned in hell. Lazarus, although he is beggar, he believed in God, so he went to heaven. Lazarus was so poor that he begged for food along with the dogs. He did not grumble about his situation even though he is destitute. When the rich man saw Lazarus at the side of Abraham, he asked Abraham to let Lazarus dip his finger in the water to cool his tongue because he is thirsty as it is hot in hell. Abraham said that Lazarus cannot do that because there is a chasm fixed between heaven and hell so that no one from either side can go to each other. Then, the rich man asked Abraham to send Lazarus back to the earth to tell his brothers about hell. Abraham said that they can learn about God in the law of Moses and the prophecies written by the prophets. The rich man answered that if someone who is raised from dead to life preach to them, they will repent. However, Abraham said that if they did not want to give heed to the law of Moses and preaching of the prophets, they will not believe even if someone who is risen from the dead go to them. Christians should not grumble or complain about their situation. Grumbling is a sin. Christians who grumbles and don’t repent will be condemned in hell (1 Corinthians 10:10; James 5:9). Even if you are facing a problem, you should be thankful to God and be persistent in your prayer. If you are patient and have faith in God, God will answer your prayer and see you through your problem. When asking God for something, you must make sure that it is ask according to the will of God and not for your own pleasure (James 4:3).