Luke 5 Bible Study


Luke 5 Outline


– Jesus called his first disciples (Luke 5:1-11)

– Jesus healed a leprous man (Luke 5:12-16)

– Jesus healed a paralytic man let down through the roof (Luke 5:17-26)

– Jesus called Levi to be his disciple (Luke 5:27-32)

– John’s disciples questioned Jesus about fasting (Luke 5:33-39)



Luke 5 Bible Study


In Luke 5:1-11, a large crowd was around Jesus as he taught the people by the Lake of Gennesaret. Jesus saw two boats on the shore and he got into one of the boats which belonged to Simon Peter. Then, he asked him to row the boat a little further out from the shore. From there, he taught the crowd. After he finished teaching the crowd, he asked Simon to put the boat out to the deep part of the ocean. In John 21:6, Jesus asked Simon to throw the nets to the right side of the boat. Simon told Jesus that they had spent a whole day trying to catch fish but they couldn’t find any but he would do what Jesus said. Simon followed Jesus’ instruction and he caught a large amount of fishes. There was so much fishes that Simon had to signal to his companions to help him. The boat was so full with fishes that it begun to sink. When Simon saw the large amount of fishes the net hauls in, he asked Jesus to go away from him but he plead him to forgive his greed. Jesus told Simon that he will catch men like fishes. This means that he will help Simon to win a lot of souls for God. If you want to bring people to know Christ, you must pray and seek help from God. When praying, you must believe that Jesus will help you to win the soul of the person. By following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you will be able to successfully proselytize the person. When Jesus called the fishermen to follow him, they left their fishing career to follow him. If you want to be a disciple of Christ, you must be willing to sacrifice yourself including job, family, and etc.

In Luke 5:12-16, a leprous man came to Jesus and asked him to heal him if he is willing. Jesus said he is willing and the man’s leprosy was healed completely. Then, Jesus told the man who was healed of leprosy to not tell anyone that he is healed but go and offer sacrifices as the scripture required (Leviticus 14:3-7). This procedure must be done since the new covenant has not yet been established. The man did not doubt in Jesus’ ability to heal him. Because of his faith in Jesus, Jesus healed his leprosy. Jesus often went to remote places to pray because he did not want to be surrounded by the crowd. He feared of the teachers of the law that will sentence him to death. He has to be handed over to the enemies and be crucified but his time has not yet come.

In Luke 5:17-26, some men carried a paralytic man on a mat to Jesus to be healed but they couldn’t reach him so they decided to remove the tiles in the roof and lower him to Jesus. When Jesus saw their faith, he told the paralyzed man that his sins are forgiven. Sins can cause diseases and other kinds of problems to happen in your life. Sins open way for the devil to enter into your life. When you have repented from your sins, the problems in your life will go away. We must always guard ourselves from being tempted into various kinds of sins so that the devil cannot get a foothold in our lives.

In Luke 5:27-32, Jesus saw a tax collector called Levi at the tax booth and he called him to be his disciple. Levi did not hesitate to follow Jesus when he heard the calling. He immediately left his job as tax collector and follow Jesus. After that, Levi held a feast at his house and many tax collectors came. When the Pharisees and teachers of the law saw this, they rebuked Jesus for dining with the sinners. Jesus replied that he didn’t come for the healthy but for the sick. Jesus came to earth to die on the cross for the sins of the people of the world. Everyone is a sinner because sin was credited to us through Adam and Eve. Through the blood of Jesus, we are able to receive the forgiveness of our sins and inherit eternal life.

In Luke 5:33-38, John’s disiciples complained to Jesus that their often fast and pray but his disciples keep on eating and drinking. Jesus used the parable of the bridegroom to tell them that while he is with his disciples, his disciples will eat and drink to rejoice with him. After he is crucified, his disciples will start fasting and praying. The parable of the old patch and new patch and old wineskins and new wineskins describes the Old Testament law and New Testament law. Once the new covenant is established, there is no need to follow the Old Testament law anymore. However, it is not say that we don’t need to follow all the Old Testament law. We don’t need to follow the Old Testament rites, festivities and complicated laws. We still must follow the Ten commandments and other laws in the Old Testament (Matthew 5:18; Matthew 23:3). This account was retold in Matthew 9:14-17 and Mark 2:18-22.