Mark 10 Bible Study


Mark 10 Outline


– Divorcing unless of marital unfaithfulness is committing adultery (Mark 10:1-12)

– Jesus blessed the children (Mark 10:13-16)

– The rich young man who turned away from God because of his wealth (Mark 10:17-31)

– Jesus predict his death and resurrection (Mark 10:32-34)

– James and John’s request to Jesus (Mark 10:35-45)

– Bartimaeus recovered his sight (Mark 10:46-51)


Mark 10 Bible Study


In Mark 10:1-12, some Pharisees came to Jesus and questioned him about divorce. In the past, Moses used to write a law to allow a man to divorce his wife. It is a sin to divorce your wife unless of marital unfaithfulness. You may divorce your wife legally but the marriage is not yet over in God’s eyes. When you are married to a person, God put a lot of emphasis on the marriage bond. If the wife remarry another person, she is considered as committing adultery. If the husband and wife separates, they should reconciled with each other and not remarry.

In Mark 10:13-16, the disciples rebuked the children who come to Jesus. However, Jesus rebuked his disciples and told them to not hinder the children from coming to him. We must have naïve faith in God like children.

In Mark 10:17-31, a rich young man came to Jesus and asked him how he can attain the kingdom of God. Jesus said no one is good except God. We are all sinners. Sin is credited to us through Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve sinned by eating the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. You are sinner no matter if you have done any bad thing in your life because the seed of sin is in you. Through believing in Jesus and repenting from our sins, we can attain righteousness and inherit eternal life. Jesus said he must obey the ten commandments. The man said that he had done all since young. After that, Jesus ask him to sell his possessions and give the money to the poor. The rich young man walked away sad because he had a lot of possessions. Then, Jesus said it is easier for a camel to enter through the needle eye than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. Jesus said that those who love other things more than him is not worthy to be called his disciples. To be first in the kingdom of God, you must be a servant and serve others.

In Mark 10:32-34, Jesus predicted his death to his disciples. He predicted that his enemies will condemn him, mock him, spit on him (Isaiah 50:6), flog him and kill him (Isaiah 53:4-6). On the third day, he will rise to life.

In Mark 10:35-45, James and John requested to sit on the left and right side of Jesus in heaven. However, Jesus said said that this thing is not decided by him but decided by the Father in heaven. When the other disciples heard what James and John said, they were indignant. Jesus rebuked them by saying that whoever is the least will be the greatest. If you want to be great in the kingdom of heave, you must have a servant attitude and serve others.

In Mark 10:46-52, a blind man called Bartimaeus heard that Jesus is passing by and he shouted out to him. Jesus stopped and asked the people to call him. When Jesus asked what he wants him to do, he said he wan to see. Because Bartimaeus believe in Jesus, his eyes were healed and he was able to see again.