Matthew 10 Bible Study


Matthew 10 Outline


– Twelve disciples are sent out by Jesus (Matthew 10:1-42)


Matthew 10 Bible Study


In Matthew 10:1-4, Jesus grant his 12 disciples the authority to rebuke the evil spirits. The twelve disciples of Jesus are Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James, Thaddaeus, Simon and Judas Iscariot.


In Matthew 10:5-15, Jesus instructed the 12 disciples to go to the people of Israel to announce the kingdom of heaven. Jesus commanded the disciples to heal anyone who is sick or demon possessed. He commanded them not to take any gold, silver or copper coins. Jesus said that the workers deserve food and shelter. He commanded his disciples to leave the home of someone who does not accept their message but stay in the home of someone who accepts their message. If you do God’s work, God will provide all that you need to you including food and shelter. If someone rejects your message, you should not let it disturbs you. We must preach the gospel without any compromising.


In Matthew 10:16-25, Jesus warns the disciples to be careful when they go forth to preach the gospel among the people. The sheep is a gentle animal. The shepherd is responsible for protecting the sheep. The Holy Spirit abide in us and he will provide guidance to help us when we are doing the work of God. The serpent is a smart animal. The dove is a gentle animal. We must be wise in dealing with the enemies and not mess around with them so that the work of evangelism can be carried out smoothly. Jesus told his disciples that they will suffer lots of persecution for preaching the gospel. You will receive heavenly rewards if you endure persecution for God. Jesus said that disciples will not surpass the teacher and slaves will not surpass the master. We must renew ourselves continually with the word of God so that we can grow to become more and more the likeness of Christ.


In Matthew 10:26-31, Jesus said that we should not be afraid of anything except God because he is the one that determines where your soul will go. After you die, your soul will either go to heaven or end up in hell. We should always trust God and submit to him the worries we have in this life. Nothing is impossible in God if we trust in him. Jesus uses the analogy of the sparrows to show how much the heavenly Father loves us.


In Matthew 10:32-33, Jesus said that he will acknowledge the ones who acknowledge him before people to the Father and reject those who reject him before the people to the Father. You must openly acknowledge your faith to people. If you deny your faith to other people, Jesus will also deny you in front of the Father.

In Matthew 10:34-39, anyone who wants to follow Jesus must deny himself. We must put God as priority in our lives other than our loved ones including spouse, children, family members and friends.


In Matthew 10:40-42, if you do something for God, you will receive heavenly reward. You must not show off your good deeds to the public otherwise you will not gain any heavenly reward.