Matthew 18 Bible Study

Jesus and the Children

Jesus and the Children


Matthew 18 Outline


– Jesus uses a child to describe who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:1-9)

– The lost sheep parable (Matthew 18:10-14)

– Pointing out a brother who commit wrong (Matthew 18:15-20)

– The unmerciful servant parable (Matthew 18:21-35)


Matthew 18 Bible Study


In Matthew 18:1-5, Jesus used a child to describe who will be the greatest in the kingdom of God. The greatest in the kingdom of God is the one who have a servitude character. We must always have faith in Jesus like a child. Jesus said anyone who is kind to a child is doing it for him.

In Matthew 18:6-9, Jesus said that anyone who causes his children to sin will be in punished. The world is filled with all kinds of bad influence no matter where we go. It is important that you know how to discern between the right and wrong so that you won’t be led astray from God. Jesus said that if you body member causes you to sin, you should chop it off. He does not mean that you should chop off the body member that causes you to sin but he is emphasizing on the importance of your soul over the body. We should not gratify the desire of the flesh because it will causes us to sin. Instead, we should filled our mind with God’s word so that we will be guided by the Holy Spirit. Your spirit will live forever. It will either go to heaven or hell after you die. In order to go to heaven, you must be faithful to God’s commandment.


In Matthew 18:10-14, Jesus is the shepherd. We are the sheep. God loves us very much and he never wants anyone of us to be lost. God’s love can never be separated from us unless we let go of him.


In Matthew 18:15-17, Jesus said that when you see someone committing a sin, you should point it out to the person. However, you should not speak about it behind his back to other people. You should also not point out his wrong in front of the people. Instead, you should go to the person and advise him privately. If he refuses to listen, you can bring another witnesses. The scripture said that every complaint must be testified by at least two persons. If he still refuse to listen, it should be reported to the church. A person who does not listen to the church’s advice is sinning. He is considered as an unbeliever.


In Matthew 18:18-20, every follower is the child of God. As the child of God, we have the authority in Jesus name. Jesus said that when two or more people together to pray, he will be in the midst of us. In order for God to hear our prayer, we must ask with faith. We must be reasonable when asking God in our prayer. God will only gives us things that are according to his will.


In Matthew 18:21-35, Peter asked Jesus the number of times he should forgive the person. He asked if it is enough to forgive his adversary for 7 times. In turn, Jesus replied that he should forgive 77 times. Jesus told a parable about an official who owed the king 10,000 talents. Because the official does not have money to pay for his debt, the king ordered him, his wife and his children to be sold. The official knelt down on the ground and asked the king to have mercy on him. The king had compassion on him and cancels his debt. A servant happened to owe the official 100 pence. When he saw the servant, he grabbed him by the throat and asked him to pay the debt. The servant could not pay his debt so he put him into prison. When a fellow servant found out about it, he told the king about it. The king was angry and had the official thrown into prison. This parables applies to us. If we don’t forgive others, God will not forgive us and listen to our prayers.