Matthew 19 Bible Study


Matthew 19 Outline


– Divorcing is committing adultery if it is not of marital unfaithfulness reason (Matthew 19:1-12)

– Jesus blessed the children (Matthew 19:13-15)

– The rich young man that wants to know how to get eternal life (Matthew 19:16-30)


Matthew 19 Bible Study


In Matthew 19:1-12, divorcing your spouse can cause her to become an adulterer if she remarry another man. If the spouse is divorced through marital unfaithfulness reason, he or she is free to remarry another person without committing adultery. Marriage is a serious covenant before God. Although you divorce your spouse through paper document, God still holds on to the covenant. Jesus said that it is best to not marry but not all may be able to accept that. Paul said that marriage causes a lot of trouble. A person who is married will have to care how to please his spouse while an unmarried person will focus on how to please the Lord (1 Corinthians 7:32-35).


In Matthew 19:13-15, Jesus wants the little children to come to him. Little children have a naive faith to believe in Jesus. Jesus laid his hands on the children to bless them. The laying of hands is way to bless them. (2 Timothy 1:6)


In Matthew 19:16-30, a rich young man came to Jesus and ask him how he can gain eternal life and enter into the kingdom of heaven by doing good. Jesus told him to obey the 10 commandments. The young man said that he had kept the 10 commandments. He asked Jesus what else must he do to inherit eternal life. Jesus asked him to sell his possessions and give to the poor so that he will have rewards in heaven. Every follower has a heavenly mansion. Anything you do on earth for God will be rewarded in heaven (John 14:2). You are not put God as priority in your life including family members, possessions, and etc in order to inherit eternal life. If you are persecuted for God and you persist to the end, you will be rewarded in heaven. If you want to be first in the kingdom of heaven, you must be humble and have a servitude attitude.