Matthew 24 Bible Study


Matthew 24 Outline


– Jesus predicts about what will happen at the end time (Matthew 24:1-35)

– No one knows when is the second coming of Jesus except the Father God (Mathew 24:36-51)


Matthew 24 Bible Study


In Matthew 24:1-35, the disciples show Jesus the temple. Zerubabbel and Ezra are the two builders that build the temple. Herod renovated the temple and increased its size. The temple measures about 500 yards in length and 400 yards in width. Jesus’ prediction that not one stone will be left on another is fulfilled. It happened that there is a Jewish revolution against the Rome approximately 40 years after Jesus predicted this. The Jews escaped to the temple but the Roman soldiers encamped around it. A soldier who was drunk lit up a fire and burn down the whole building. As the fire burn the building, the gold was melted and flowed into the cracks. The Roman commander had commanded the soldiers to dismantle the temple by removing the stone one by one so that no trace of the temple can be found.


In the end time, there will be many false prophets that claim that they are Christ, the Messiah. There will be lots of rumors of wars. Lots of wars will happen and countries will attack each other. Famines and earthquakes will happen in many places around the world. These are the beginning signs that the end time is near.


Christians will be persecuted for the sake of the gospel. False prophets will emerge in the end time to deceive people and lead them into the darkness. The severe persecution will cause the believers to become cold so that they only care for themselves instead of others. Before the end comes, the gospel will have already been preached to the whole world. The troubles that occur at the end time will be the worst that has ever been take place in the history and in the future to come. False prophets will use signs and miracles to make people believe in them. Some believers may even become deceived through the signs and miracles that the false prophets perform.


At the end time, Jesus Christ will come back for a second time to rapture those who have faithfully follow him. Only those who faithfully follow God wholeheartedly will be raptured. Whatever God said will come into fulfillment.


In Matthew 24:36-51, no one know when the rapture will take place, only the Father God knows. People will not expect it coming, just like in days of Noah. During the days of Noah, the people were ignorant that God is going to sent a flood to flood the whole world so they continue to sin. When the rapture occurs, those who faithfully follow Christ will disappear into the sky to meet Jesus Christ. If the husband and wife are believers but the children are not, the husband and wife will be caught up in the rapture and the children will be left behind. Jesus say that we must always watch out for his second coming and get ourselves prepared so that you will not be left behind in the rapture.