Matthew 25 Bible Study


Matthew 25 Outline


– The ten virgins parable (Matthew 25:1-13)

– The parable about the lazy servant and talents (Matthew 25:14-30)

– Sheep and goats (Matthew 25:31-46)


Matthew 25 Bible Study


In Matthew 25:1-13, Jesus used the parable of the ten virgins to describe the situation when the rapture takes place. The rapture will take place during the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the parable, there are ten virgins. Each is holding a lamp. Five of the virgins are wise and the other five virgins are foolish. The wise virgins brought along oil in jars so that they can light the lamp when the oil in their lamp runs out. The foolish virgins did not bring with them oil in jars. The ten virgins were waiting for their bridegroom. While waiting for the bridegrooms to come, they fell asleep. When the call rang out that the bridegroom has come, they all woke up and lit their lamps. The foolish ones found out that their lamps are going out because of the lack of oil so they asked the wise ones to lend them some oil. The wise ones say they cannot lend the oil because there will not be sufficient amount for lighting up their lamp. Therefore, the foolish virgins went out to buy some oil. After they came back from buying the oil, the bridegroom has already arrived and the door is closed. When they shouted to the bridegroom to open the door for them, the bridegroom said he does not know who they are. Jesus Christ is the bridegroom and the followers are the brides. Jesus is coming back soon so we must be prepared. To prepare for Jesus’ second coming, you must live your life for God and abide in him. Jesus will only rapture those who have faithfully obey the commandments in the Bible. We must always keep watch and expect the return of Jesus Christ because that day can come at anytime.


In Matthew 25:14-28, Jesus used the parable of the talents to illustrate what will happen to the servants who did not bear fruits. In the parable, a man is going on a trip so he called his three servants and entrusted them with his property. To one servant, he gave 5 talents. To another servant, he gave 2 talents. To the third servant, he gave one talent. The first two servants used the talents the master gave them to earn more. The first servant used the 5 talents to earn five more. The second servant used the 2 talents to earn two more talents. The third servant did not earn anything with the one talent that the master gave him. Instead, the servant hid the money in the ground. After a long period of time, the master returned and asked them what they have done with the talents he gave them. The first servant told the master that he has earned 5 talents. The second servant told the master that he has earned two more talents. The third servant told the master that he knows how hard he work to earn the money so he he hid it in the ground. The master praised the first two servants and rebuke the third servant because he is lazy. The master told the third servant that he could have deposit the money in the bank so that they will earn interest. Then, he commanded that the talent of the third servant be given to the one with ten talent. Everyone in the kingdom of God has at least one spiritual gift. God gave each of us a spiritual gift so that we can edify and build up others with it. If you did not do anything for Jesus while on earth, you will be condemned and punished in Hell.


Matthew 25:31-46, Jesus used the parable of the sheep and goat what will happen to the faithful and unfaithful people during the judgment day. The sheep is the righteous one while the goat is the unfaithful ones. The sheep stand is assigned to the right and the goats is assigned to the left. The sheep are those who do God’s will. If you do God’s will, you must love one another with love. Whenever you see someone in need, you must help him. If you are selfish to help others, you are sinning. Whatever that you do for other brothers and sisters in need, you are doing for Christ.