Matthew 26 Bible Study


Matthew 26 Outline


– The chief priest and elders plotted to take Jesus’ life (Matthew 26:1-5)

– A woman anointed Jesus with an alabaster jar of perfume (Matthew 26:6-13)

– Judas sold Jesus for 30 silver coins (Matthew 26:14-16)

– Jesus had passover meal with disciples (Matthew 26:17-30)

– Jesus predicted Peter will disown him three times before the rooster crows (Matthew 26:31-35)

– Jesus prayed in Gethsemane (Matthew 26:36-46)

– Judas led the Roman soldiers to capture Jesus (Matthew 26:47-56)

– Jesus stood before the Sandherin (Matthew 26:57-68)

– Peter disowned Jesus three times before the rooster crows (Matthew 26:69-75)


Matthew 26 Bible Study


In Matthew 26:1-5, Jesus predicted about his crucifixion and death. The chief priests and the elders plotted to take Jesus’ life but they didn’t want to kill him during the feast because it will stir up a riot.


In Matthew 26:6-13, a woman came to anoint the head of Jesus with an alabaster jar of perfume. The disciples rebuked her by saying the perfume could have been sold and the money earned can be used as alms for the poor. When Jesus heard what they say, he said that they will always have the poor with them but they will not have him with them all the time. Therefore, the deed of the woman will be made known to everywhere where the gospel is preached. Jesus said this because he be crucified and die.


In Matthew 26:14-16, Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve disciples decided to betray Jesus. He went to the chief priest and asked them how much they would give him if he hand Jesus over to them. They agreed to give Judas 30 silver coins. After Judas had taken the money, he look out for opportunity to hand Jesus over to them.


In Matthew 26:17-30, the disciples asked Jesus where does he want to have the Passover on the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Jesus instructed his disciples to go to a man in the city. They are to tell the man that Jesus want to have Passover at his house. The disciples did as Jesus commanded and prepared the Passover at the house of the man. During the Passover meal, Jesus predicted that one of the disciples who will dip into the bowl with him will betray him. He cursed the disciple who will betray him, they it would be better if he had not been born. Judas spoke up and said surely it isn’t him but Jesus replied and said he is the one who will betray him. Jesus took the bread and gave thanks. After giving thanks, he broke it and said this is his body, which is sacrificed for many. The bread is the symbol of Jesus’ body who has been offered at the cross to cover our transgressions. Then, Jesus took the cup of wine. The wine represents Jesus’ blood which is poured out as atonement for our sins. Just like in the Old Testament the blood of sacrificed animals are used to atone sins, the blood of Jesus is offered to cleanse away the sins of the people in the world once and for all. In this way, there is no need to offer sin sacrifices to make atonement for sins anymore. Jesus says that every believer must partake in the communion in remembrance of what he had done for us on the cross (Luke 22:19-20).


In Matthew 26:31-35, Jesus predicted that Peter will disown him three times before the rooster crow. When Peter heard what Jesus said, he said he would never disown him.


In Matthew 26:36-46, Jesus took his disciples including Peter, James and John to Gethsemane. He asked the three disciples to keep watch with him. While in Gethsemane, he prayed to the Father God and asked him to change the fate so that he won’t have to be crucified. However, he prayed that the Father God’s will instead of his will be accomplished. When he returned to the disciples, he found them asleep. He asked them to stay awake and keep watch with him so that they won’t fall into temptation. After that, he went back to pray to the Father God about the same thing again. Yet, he didn’t pray that his will be done but the Father God’s will be done. When he returned, he found the disciples asleep again. Later, he left and pray for the third time about the same thing. When he returned from the third prayer, he asked the disciples to get up for it come to the time when he has to be handed over to his enemies.


In Matthew 26:47-56, Judas led the soldiers to Jesus. He already arranged with them a signal that the one whom he kiss is Jesus. When he kissed Jesus, he said greetings but Jesus asked him to do what he has come. The soldiers captured Jesus. One of the companion of Jesus use a sword to cut off the ear of the high priest but Jesus rebuked him. Jesus said that he could have asked the Father God to send 12 legions of angels but he is willing to crucified so that the prophesy of God can be fulfilled. Jesus said to the people that they have had many chances to arrest him but he is arrested now because it is the time for the plan of God to be fulfilled so that the transgressions of the people in the while world can be washed away. Through the blood of Jesus, our sins can be cleansed away and we can be reconciled with God.


In Matthew 26:57-68, Jesus was brought before Caiaphas for trial. Many people tried to bring false accusations against Jesus but they failed. Finally, two persons brought the accusation that Jesus said he can destroy God’s temple and have it rebuilt in 3 days. At first, Jesus was silent. Then, the high priest asked him if he is the Christ, the son of God. Jesus replied that he is the Christ. He said they will see him sitting on the right hand side of God and coming on the clouds. Jesus will come on the clouds when the rapture takes place in his second coming to the earth. When the high priest heard this, he tore his clothes and accused him of speaking blasphemy. He asked for the crowd’s response and they said he should be given death sentenced. They abused Jesus by spitting on his face, punching him and slapping him. They mocked Jesus by asking him to prophesy who hit him.


In Matthew 26:69-75, when Peter was in the courtyard, a servant girl recognized him and said he was with Jesus. Peter denied it by saying he don’t know what they are talking about. Another girl tell the people that Peter was with Jesus when he was walking to the gateway. Peter denied what the girl said by saying he don’t know who Jesus is. After that, the people who were standing with him recognize Peter and said he speak like those who were with Jesus. Peter denied that he know Jesus and called down curses on himself. At that moment, the rooster crowed. Peter remembered what Jesus said and he cried. Believers must not deny Jesus before people. If you deny Jesus, he will disown Jesus even if you believe in him in your heart (Matthew 10:33).