Matthew 8 Bible Study


Matthew 8 Outline


– Jesus healed a leper (Matthew 8: 1-4)

– Jesus healed a centurion’s servant (Matthew 8:5-13)

– Jesus healed Peter’s mother in law and others (Matthew 8:14-17)

– Following Jesus (Matthew 8:18-22)

– Jesus rebuked and calm down the storm (Matthew 8:23-27)

– Jesus casted out demons from two men (Matthew 8:28-34)


Matthew 8 Bible Study


In Matthew 8:1-4, a leprous man approached Jesus as he descend the mountain. The leper believes that Jesus can heal him so he was healed.


In Matthew 8:5-13, a centurion’s servant was ill so he came to seek Jesus’ help. Jesus wanted to go to the house of the centurion to heal the servant but the centurion said that he just need to say the word for his servant to be healed. Jesus was amazed at the centurion’s faith and his servant was healed at the moment he said he said the word.


In Matthew 8:14-17, Jesus visited the home of Peter. At that time, Peter’s mother in law was sick with fever but Jesus healed her. After Jesus healed her, she immediately got up to serve a meal to Jesus. In the evening, many demon possessed people and sick people were brought to the house. Jesus heal everyone that is demon possessed and sick.


In Matthew 8:18-21, when Jesus calls us, we should not give excuses and hesitate to heed his calling. If you love God, you will put him first than other things including your loved ones.

In Matthew 8:23-27, Jesus was in a boat with his disciples when a strong wind blew the lake. The water entered into the boat and the disciples were panicked. The disciples aroused Jesus from his sleep because they are afraid of drowning. Jesus rebuked his disciples for lack of faith. After that, he rebuked the wind and the water became calm again. God will give to those who put their faith in him. When praying to God, you must have faith that you will receive what you ask for.


In Matthew 8:28-34, Jesus crossed the lake to the shore near the Gergesenes town. Two men possessed with the demons came out from the tombs to meet Jesus. Jesus rebuked the demons in the two men and sent them into the herd of swine. Christians have authorities to rebuke the demons and cast them out in the name of Jesus. If you are under attack by the demons, you must not ignore them but rebuke them in Jesus name. If you ignore them, you are allowing them to attack you.