Romans 11 Bible Study


Romans 11 Outline


– God did not reject the Israelites (Romans 11:1-10)

– The Gentiles will be saved (Romans 11:11-24)

– The Israelites will turn back to God one day (Romans 11:25-36)



Romans 11 Bible Study


In Romans 11:1-3, God did not reject the Israelites although most of them don’t believe in Jesus. Paul reminded the Romans about how Elijah complained to God that all his prophets have been killed except him. King Ahab was responsible for building an idol to Baal. After he built the idol of Baal, the prophet Elijah confronted him about it but Jezebel threatened to kill him. Jezebel was the evil wife of King Ahab.


In Romans 11:4-6, Gold told Elijah that there are still 7,000 followers that are not yet killed. This happened because of God’s kindness. Because of God’s kindness, there are still some Israelites that obey God and do his commandments. Elijah was afraid of the enemies taking his life because he boldly speaks what God wants him to say. Elijah was rather God takes his life. God did not let Elijah die because he still wants him to do work for him.


In Romans 11:7-10, this means that not all Israel are the chosen ones. Only selected ones within the nation of Israel will be able to understand the word of God and obey them. The rest of the people will be ignorant of the word of God, like someone being blindfolded.


In Romans 11:11-12, Paul is not trying to say that the Israelites will lose God’s salvation forever. Because the Israelites were stubborn, they persecuted Jesus and caused him to be sentenced to death on the cross. As a result, people from their nations are able to receive the salvation from God and inherit eternal life. When the Israelites changed their minds and put their faith in Jesus, it will add more fullness to the kingdom of God.


In Romans 11:13-16, through the Israelites’ disobedience, the whole world was able to receive salvation through having faith in Jesus. Paul says that the Israelites will return to God and put their faith in Jesus so that they also get saved one day.


In Romans 11: 17-18, the wild olive tree refers to the Gentile nations. The Gentile nations that get saved through having faith in Jesus were not originally part of God’s chosen nation. It is through the Israelites that we can become part of God’s kingdom.


In Romans 11:19-21, God decided to make salvation available to other nations because the Israelites did not truly worship him. The Israelites worship idols and sinned against God many times. Because the Israelites would not have faith in God, God has made this salvation to everyone on this earth who has faith in Jesus. Paul questioned that if God can cut off the Israelites, he can also cut off us if we don’t put our faith in Jesus. Therefore, we should not be too proud of our salvation and boast against the Israelites who are not yet saved.


In Romans 11:22, God is kind to those who have faith in him but fierce towards those who did not obey him. We must always trust in Jesus and cling on to him no matter in what circumstances.


In Romans 11:23-24, if the Israelites repent and start having faith in Jesus, they can also become part of God’s kingdom. Jesus can set us free from all our sins and weaknesses.


In Romans 11:25-27, the Israelites will turned back to God after the full number of Gentiles have accepted Jesus. This will happen when Jesus comes back second time for the first rapture.


In Romans 11:28-29, the persecution of Christians by the Jewish people have caused the gospel to be spread in many areas. Today, the gospel is spread to many parts around the world. Even in the New Testament, the Israelites remained God’s chosen people and God will fulfill the promises he made to them through the famous ancestors such as Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


In Romans 11:30-32, the Gentiles Christians used to reject God in the past but now it is the Israelites that rejected God by refusing to recognize Jesus as their savior. Everyone is a sinner and they have fall short of God’s standards so that God can have mercy on them. The Israelites will come to put their faith in Jesus so that God will have mercy on them one day.


In Romans 11:33-36, God is the wisest and no one can measure the depth of his knowledge. The judgment day will come soon and God will restore the earth. Everything on this earth belongs to God and they will return to his ownership after the world comes to an end.