Romans 13 Bible Study



Romans 13 Outline


– Obeying the authorities (Romans 13:1-7)

– Loving people (Romans 13:8-10)

– Jesus Christ is returning (Romans 13:11-14)


Romans 13 Bible Study


In Romans 13:1-5, we should obey the government because God gives them authorities to rule over us. If you offend the government’s law, you are offending God. There is an exception to people from countries that persecute Christians. If your government threatens to kill you because of your faith, you should never give in. If you deny Jesus, Jesus will deny you in front of the Father God. Jesus says we should not fear the one that can kill our bodies but we should fear God. This is because God determines whether you will be in heaven or hell. If you commit an offence against the authorities, you will be punished accordingly. The authorities set punishment to show God’s anger against sins. You must obey your rulers not because you fear God’s punishment but because you know it is the right thing to do. For example, you know robbing a bank is wrong so you should not do it.


In Romans 13:6-7, you must pay your taxes to the government. You must pay the tax according to your income. You must never hide your income and cheat the government of the tax.

In Romans 13:8-10, we should love others like we love ourselves. All the laws in the Law of Moses sums up as loving God and loving people like your neighbor. If you love people, you will never think of hurting them. If you think hurting people will bring good consequence, this is a sin against God. If you say you love others, you must demonstrate it by being compassionate to people. Whenever people come to you for help, you should help them.


In Romans 13:11-14, Jesus is returning soon so we must stay vigilant. We must behave properly and avoid sinning so that we can get caught up into the rapture along with other believers. Christians should not go to bar or participate in parties and get drunk. We should always love people and never quarrel. We should never be jealous and envy about what others have. In whatever we do, we should strive to please God. We must spend time to be close to God every day for example praying, fasting, reading Bible and worshipping him. In this way, we will become closer and closer to Jesus every day.