Romans 14 Bible Study


Romans 14 Outline


– Do not criticize people (Romans 14:1-12)

– Do not upset anyone’s faith (Romans 14:13-23)



Romans 14 Bible Study 


In Romans 14:1-4, we should never look down on those who have weaker faith. Instead, we should always give them positive encouragement so that their faith can become strong as well. If a believer acts in a different way, we should not criticize him because it may cause him to fall. If you don’t know whether God approves an action, you should avoid it so that you don’t sin. For example, if a Christian feels that it is wrong to eat food offered to idolatry, he should not eat it. Any food can be eaten after you pray and ask for the cover of the blood of Jesus over it. We have no right to judge God’s servants because they are God’s anointed ones. Instead, we should let God deal with them.


In Romans 14:5-6, the way we think and judge things do not affect our salvation. For example, some people feel that Sunday is the most important day because it is the Sabbath. There are also other Christians who feel that they should worship God every day so every day is the same important as the Sabbath to them. The most important thing is that the way you think will honor God.


In Romans 14:7-12, Christians should do everything for Jesus. We should live and die for Jesus so that God’s name will be glorified. We must never gossip at the back of other Christians. If you notice a Christian did something wrong, you should go over to him and point out his fault instead of gossiping about it. We must love each other and never look down on people that are weaker or poorer. On the judgment day, we are to give account to God about our actions. God will judge us based on our thoughts, emotions and actions. God created every one of us to be different. You must always pay attention to your thoughts and mouth. Sometimes, you will want to open your mouth and talk about someone. After that, you may disregard it as an unimportant matter and think it isn’t an offence against God. It doesn’t mean that we should hate the person if the person commit a sin. If you live for Jesus, you should avoid gossiping and laughing about others.


In Romans 14:13-14, we must never judge others at their back. Judging is a sin so we must never judge. Instead, we should let God deal with them by himself. All foods are provided by God so they can be eaten. However, if you feel that eating a food will weaken your faith, you should not eat it because this is a sin against God. If you feel it is all right to eat the food, you can eat it We should never do things that can possibly weaken a believer’s faith. Whatever we do must help other believers.


In Romans 14:15-19, Christians must help each other to grow strong in faith. If you know eating a certain food will hurt a believer’s faith, you should not eat it in front of him because it is not an act of love. We must strive to live in peace with one another, even if the person is your enemy.


In Romans 14:20-23, we must have self control. If you know doing something can hurt your faith, you should not do it. If you know you will fall for taking an action and yet you are doing it, you are sinning.