Romans 15 Bible Study



Romans 15 Outline


– Always please others (Romans 15:1-6)

– Good news for the Jews and Gentiles (Romans 15:7-13)

– Paul’s missionary (Romans 15:14-21)

– Paul hopes to visit Rome (Romans 15:22-33)



Romans 15 Bible Study


In Romans 15:1-6, patience is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22). In whatever we do, we must be patience. If a believer has weak faith, we should have patience with them. For example, if a needy believer keeps coming to you for food, you should provide for him and never reject him. In the meantime, you should help him to get a job and become independent. We should always love and care people. Showing love towards others can persuade them to change.


Christians must strive to live in peace with each other so that other people will be able to see the love of Jesus in our hearts. Having patience means you don’t easily give up on a person. When someone commits a sin, you should not take action to make them feel guilty. The right way of doing it is to advice the person with love and helps him to change. If someone faultily rebukes you, you should be patient with them as well. In today’s society, there are many different Christian denominations with different beliefs. We should strive to live in peace with each other and not quarrel about the teachings.


In Romans 15:7-13, Christians should accept each other with love. Jesus Christ came to die on the cross so that the Gentiles can be accepted into God’s kingdom. Therefore, we should strive to live in peace and treat one another with love. When you act in accordance to the fruits of the Holy Spirit, your heart will be filled with joy and peace.


In Romans 15:14-21, God chose Paul to preach the good news to the Gentiles so that they can be accepted into the heavenly kingdom. Paul spreads the good news to everyone regardless of their races. Paul always give testimonies about his gospel ministry. We should always tell others good testimonies of other Christians whenever possible. This can help to encourage other Christians to grow in their faith.


In Romans 15:22-24, Paul has been busy with his gospel missionary that he has no time to visit the Roman church. Paul had not seen the Romans for several years. He planned to stop by while he was on his way to Spain.


In Romans 15:25-29, Paul says he will be going to Jerusalem to deliver the donations for the needy Jewish people. These donations were collected from the Gentile Christians. It is like paying back to the Jewish people because it was their stubbornness that cause God to make salvation available to all Gentiles.


In Romans 15:30-33, Paul asks the Romans to pray for protection over the Jews in Judea. He also asked them to pray for the people of Jerusalem to open their hearts when he preach the gospel to them. We should always intercede for our church leaders, evangelists and etc so that the good news can spread easily.