Romans 6 Bible Study


Romans 6 Outline


– Dead to your old self (Romans 6:1-14)

– Slaves for Jesus (Romans 6:15-23)


Romans 6 Bible Study

In Romans 6:1-4, once we have accepted Christ, we are dead to our sins. It means that our bad habits have been nailed to the cross with Christ. Baptism is a representation that we have been buried with our sins and rose to live with Christ. After you are baptized, you must stop your bad habits and start living for Jesus. It doesn’t mean that you can continue sinning after God had forgiven your sins. You must truly feel regret for your sins and never commit them again. It is difficult to over our sins if we try to do it on our own. You should ask Jesus to give you strength to overcome your sins. When you accepted Jesus, he will come to live in you so you can have a new life in him. If you really trust in Jesus, you will die to your sin and have a new life in Christ.

In Romans 6:5-7, if you truly repent from your sins and have faith in God, baptism will mean dying with Jesus on the cross. Your old self has been nailed to the cross with Jesus so that you will no longer be a slave to sins. If you are really dead to your sin, you will no longer have desire to sin and disobey God.

In Romans 6:8-11, dying to your own sins is like getting crucified with Jesus on the cross. If you really die to your sin, you will have no thought of repeating the bad habit again. Jesus overcome death with victory when he rose from the dead on the cross. Jesus Christ died for the sins of everyone on this earth. Jesus Christ committed himself to obey God and live for him. He is a role model to us so we must imitate him and be more and more like him every day. Jesus has given us the victory over all kinds of sins and illnesses so we must claim it now. After you accepted Christ, your duty is to love and serve God with all your heart. You must start living for Jesus and not for the worldly things which only last temporarily.

In Romans 6:12-14, often, our fleshly desire want us to sin. You must not obey the sinful desires of your thoughts and flesh. Each member of your body must be a slave to Jesus, doing things that Jesus wants you to do.

In Romans 6:15-18, even after you accepted Jesus and get baptized, you must not continue to sin. If you sin and do not repent, you will be condemned in hell regardless of whether you accepted Christ or not. All sinners will meet the same fate in hell. Not everyone is perfect because we sin all the times. Sometimes, we don’t even know we sin. Therefore, it is important that you ask God to forgive you if you sin in any way to him every day. In this way, you will be blameless and innocent before God.

In Romans 6:19, before we accept Jesus, we used to be slaves to our sins. We never thought of repenting and even thought our sins is right. Once you accept Jesus, you must stop becoming slaves to sins and use your body members to glorify him. Whatever you do, it must be to glorify him so that you can be a living testimony for Jesus.

In Romans 6:20-23, sin brings us no good. It only brings you shame. With Jesus’ help, we are freed from all kinds of sins and bondages. Sins bear the consequence of death but eternal life is a gift from God. As Christians, we must strive to overcome all our sinful desires and live our lives for Jesus. This is because sin is no longer our master but Jesus Christ is our new master.