Romans 7 Bible Study


Romans 7 Outline


– Being part of Christ’s body (Romans 7:1 ‘“ 6)

– Fighting with sin (Romans 7:7-25)


Romans 7 Bible Study

In Romans 7:1 ‘“ 3, Paul says that marriage is until death. If your spouse die, you are free to marry another person. It is adultery if you divorce your spouse not because of unfaithfulness.

In Romans 7:4 ‘“ 6, once you have accepted Christ, you will be married to Christ and become a member of his body. The body of Christ is the church. As a Christian, you must now completely dedicate yourself to Jesus and live for him. You must stop being selfish and start to think for others. The Law of Moses is based on works of righteousness. However, we are made acceptable to God because of our faith. It is difficult to obey every single law in the Law of Moses because everyone has the urge to sin. Christians must obey the voice of the Holy Spirit in no matter what they do. You can pray and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you.

In Romans 7:7 ‘“ 8, the Law of Moses has all the dos and don’ts for the followers. Through reading the Law, you know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable to God. The law can challenge us to rebel against the law so that we are eager to bad things. If there has been no law, you would not be a sinner when you do wrong thing because no limit has been set on our behavior.

In Romans 7:9 ‘“ 12, once you know the law, you become a sinner. The law challenges a person to sin. Paul is just trying to say that the law is good and correct although it causes us to sin. It is the sin in us that causes us want to rebel against God’s commandment.

In Romans 7:13 ‘“ 17, it is not the law that causes you to sin. The law is God’s commandment and it teaches us to do right. We rebel against God’s commandments because of the sin that passed down from Adam. The sin causes you to do wrong things that gratify your bodily desire, even though you know it is wrong to do them.

In Romans 7:18 ‘“ 20, the selfish desire in us cause us to rebel against God. We want to do right but the sin causes us to choose to disobey God. It is the sin in us that causes us to become selfish. Everyone is a sinner so no one is impeccable and won’t make mistake. Everyone has the urge to sin. To sin is to gratify your desire. For example, a person knows adultery is a sin yet he had an extramarital affair with another person.

In Romans 7:21 ‘“ 25, Paul says that he may know the Law of Moses is good for him yet he does not strive to follow it and do right because he keeps on thinking of sinning. No one can save you from sin except Jesus Christ. Therefore, you should serve God with all your heart and mind. Jesus Christ already dies for our sins so sins no longer have control over us. We have victory over sin and we can overcome it by having faith in Jesus. When you truly serve God with all your heart and mind, you will think of doing things that please him.