Romans 9 Bible Study

Romans 9 Outline


– God’s chosen people (Romans 9:1-18)

– God’s mercy (Romans 9:19-29)

– Israelites are not acceptable because they reject the gospel (Romans 9:30-33)


Romans 9 Bible Study

In Romans 9:1-5, Paul is deeply in sorrow for the Israelites because they refused to recognize Jesus as the Messiah. He says that the Holy Spirit is a witness to his conscience. The Holy Spirit lives in us and he knows what we are thinking and our emotions. Paul says he is not lying that he felt sorrow for the Israelites and the Holy Spirit testifies against it. Paul loved his relatives, the Jews very much. He sincerely pray for them to turn to God constantly. He was even willing to receive God’s punishment on behalf of the Jews who refused to accept the Messiah. However, this cannot be done because every man is accountable for their own sins. It is only by having faith in Jesus that we can be saved. The Jewish nation is a special people to God because they are the first chosen to be God’s people. God made agreements with the Israelites through Moses. He made a lot of good promises to the Israelites as well.

In Romans 9:6-9, a long time ago, God made a promise to Abraham that he will have lots of descendants, as many as the grains of sand. This promise is only valid for those who have faith in Jesus. Christians are called the sons and daughters of Abraham. It is an illustration that we have faith in Jesus like Abraham has faith in God. Abraham has a son through his wife, Sarah when he was 100 years old. Although Abraham and his wife are both old in age, Abraham trusted God’s promise so the promise was fulfilled just as God said. Abraham also had another son called Ishmael through Sarah’s maid servant girl. Ishmael was conceived naturally and not miraculously. Therefore, God did not break his promise because not all Israelites have faith in in Jesus and accepted him as their Messiah.

In Romans 9:10-13, Isaac and Rebecca has two sons who are twins called Esau and Jacob. Before the twins were born, Rebecca often felt that her babies are fighting with each other in her womb. When she asked God, God told her that the younger will be greater than the older one. God chose Jacob to inherit the promise he made to Abraham. Jacob has 12 sons, which formed the 12 tribes of Israel. Usually, in the Jewish custom, the oldest son will has the largest inheritance. God chose Jacob to inherit the blessing through his own discernment. He did not make his decision based on what people wants but based on his own choice.

In Romans 9:14-18, God’s decision to choose Jacob instead of Esau to inherit the blessing does not mean he is an unfair God. God is a merciful God and he has the right to have mercy on anyone he chooses to have mercy.

In Romans 9:19-21, some people may blame God for their bad behavior. God is the creator and he can create us in any way he wants. We should not blame God for our bad behavior because you are the one who controls how you want to behave. Instead, we should change ourselves and get rid of the bad habits so that we can be acceptable to God.

In Romans 9:22-29, God could destroy the whole humanity but he was patient with us. He sent his son, Jesus Christ to

die for us on the cross so that gentiles and Jews can receive the forgiveness of their sins.

In Romans 9:30-33, the Gentiles become acceptable to God by having faith in Jesus and accepting him as their savior. The Israelites were not acceptable to God because they thought they can be saved by obeying the Law of Moses. Therefore, the Israelites have become the people who will step over the stone in Zion and fall down. The stone is Jesus. Because the Israelites don’t believe in Jesus, they will fall away from God’s promise of eternal life.