2 Chronicles 12 Bible Study

2 Chronicles 12 Outline

– Rehoboam turned away from God after he become strong (2 Chronicles 12:1)

– God was angry with Rehoboam’s disobedience and he sent King Shishak to attack Judah (2 Chronicles 12:2-4)

– The prophet Shemaiah warned Rehoboam that his disobedience had brought the invasion of King Shishak (2 Chronicles 12:5)

– Rehoboam and the leaders humbled themselves so God make them subject to King Shishak instead (2 Chronicles 12:6-8)

– King Shishak took away all the treasures in the temple treasury, palace treasury and the gold hammered shields (2 Chronicles 12:9)

– King Rehoboam made bronze shields to replace the gold shields (2 Chronicles 12:10-12)

– King Rehoboam died and his son, Abijah succeeded him (2 Chronicles 12:13-16)


2 Chronicles 12 Summary

After Rehoboam had became strong, he turned away from God and stopped keeping his commandments. God was angry with them and he turned them over to the hands of King Shishak of Egypt. King Shishak of Egypt came with 1,200 chariots, 60,000 horsemen, and so many Libyans, Sukkites, and Cushites foot soldiers that could not be counted.

Rehoboam and the leaders were assembled in Jerusalem because they were afraid of King Shishak of Egypt. The prophet Shemaiah came and told Rehoboam that King Shishak is attacking Judah because he had stopped keeping God’s commandments. When they heard Shemaiah’s message, they humbled themselves and said God is just. When God saw that they humbled themselves, he sent the prophet Shemaiah to tell them that he will make them subject to King Shishak of Egypt instead of letting him conquered Judah.

When King Shishak attacked Judah, he carried away the gold hammered shields in the Palace of the Forest of Lebanon, the temple treasures and the palace treasures. Then, Rehoboam made bronze hammered shields to replace the gold shields. Whenever Rehoboam come to the temple, the guards who wear the bronze shields but returned them to the guardroom afterward.

King Rehoboam was 41 years old when he succeeded the throne and he continued to reign for 17 years. The mother of Rehoboam was Naamah, an Ammonite. Rehoboam was evil in God’s sight because he did not seek God. Other events that occurred during Rehoboam’s reign were recorded by Shemaiah and Iddo in the records that deal with genealogies.

During the reign of Rehoboam, he constantly faced war with Jeroboam. After Rehoboam died, his son, Abijah succeeded the throne.

2 Chronicles 12 Bible Study


1. Sin brings judgment

Rehoboam and the people of Judah sinned by disobeying God’s commandments. As a result, God punished them by sending King Shishak of Egypt to attack them. God had mercy on them when they humbled themselves after listening to the message of Shemaiah. Sin brings judgment. The wage of sin is death (Romans 6:23). After you accepted Jesus Christ, you must live a new life in Christ. Through Christ, we can overcome all kinds of difficulties and weaknesses. We can do all things through Christ who strengthen us (Philippians 4:13). In Zechariah 4:6, not by might nor by power but by God’s spirit we can do all things.

2. Humble yourself in repentance

God forsake Judah because King Rehoboam and the people stopped keeping God’s commandments. When the prophet Shemaiah told them King Shishak’s invasion is due to their disobedience, they humbled themselves and said God was right in bring the judgment upon them. If you sin, you must humble yourself and acknowledge it and confess it to God. God exalts those who are humble and bring down those who are proud (Matthew 23:12). In James 4:7, God’s grace abound to the humble but he opposes the proud. In Proverbs 3:34, God mocks proud mockers but he gives grace to the humble.

3. God does not look at outward appearance

The gold shields Solomon made was for decoration and not for use in war. Gold shields are heavy and tiring to carry so it is not suitable to be used in war. In addition, shields made from pure gold are soft so it cannot be used as an effective defense against the enemies. Just like the gold shields Solomon made, the outward appearance is not important. The outward appearance of godliness may not confirm that the person is truly sincere towards God (Matthew 23:13; 1 Samuel 16:7). The most important is that you love God with your heart and mind (Luke 10:27).