2 Chronicles 13 Bible Study


2 Chronicles 13 Outline

– Abijah and Jeroboam engaged in battle (2 Chronicles 13:1-3)

– Abijah rebuked Jeroboam on Mount Zemaraim (2 Chronicles 13:4-12)

– Jeroboam tried to attack Abijah from the front and the rear (2 Chronicles 13:13-18)

– God delivered Jeroboam and his army into Abijah’s hand (2 Chronicles 13:19-20)

– Abijah wives, sons and daughters (2 Chronicles 13:21-22)


2 Chronicles 13 Summary

Abijah and Jeroboam went into battle with each other. Abijah went into the battle with 400,000 army while Jeroboam had 800,000 army with him. Abijah reigned for 3 years in Judah. Abijah confronted Jeroboam on Mount Zemaraim, arguing that only the descendants of David are fit to rule over Israel because of the promise God made to David. He argued that it was Jeroboam and a group of men that rebelled against Rehoboam that caused the kingdom of Israel to be separated into two.

Abijah said Jeroboam had forsaken God’s law by worshiping the golden calves. Jeroboam allow anyone who sacrifice one young bull and 7 rams to become priests. He made anyone priest just like the people of other lands. However, Abijah and the people of Judah remained faithful to God. Jeroboam had put army in front of him and at the back in ambush so that Abijah is surrounded by his army both in front and the back.

Abijah knew that he had been surrounded from the front and at the back. He sounded the battle cry and the priests blew the trumpet. On that day, God delivered Israel into the hands of Abijah. Abijah and his army killed 500,000 Israelite soldiers and they managed to capture several cities including Bethel, Jeshanah and Ephraim. Because Abijah trusted in God, God delivered him from Israel. Abijah grew in strength. He had 14 wives. He had 22 sons and 16 daughters.

2 Chronicles 13 Bible Study


1. Believe and trust in God

Abijah trusted in God but Jeroboam trusted in his golden calves idol. Therefore, God delivered Abijah and his army of 400,000 men from Jeroboam and his army of 800,000 men. Although Abijah did not walk in God’s commandments completely, God showed mercy to him and helped him. God is merciful and he can show mercy to anyone he wants. If you believe in God and trust in him in times of trouble, he will surely see you through. Whenever you have problem, you should come and seek God. In Deuteronomy 28:1, if you completely obey God, God will set you high above the nations. Psalm 46:10 says be still and know that he is God. God will be exalted among nations and on the earth. In Proverbs 3:5-6, we must not rely on our own wisdom but put our trust in God. Nothing is impossible in God (Luke 1:37).