2 Chronicles 18 Bible Study


2 Chronicles 18 Outline


– King Ahab wanted to retake Ramoth Gilead from Syria (2 Chronicles 18:1)

– King Ahab asked Jehoshaphat to join him in war against Syria and Jehoshaphat agreed (2 Chronicles 18:2-3)

– Jehoshaphat asked Ahab to seek for God’s counsel first (2 Chronicles 18:4)

– Ahab called together 400 prophets, who all gave him a false victorious message (2 Chronicles 18:5)

– Jehoshaphat asked if there is a prophet of the Lord (2 Chronicles 18:6)

– Ahab had the prophet Micaiah, son of Imlah brought to him (2 Chronicles 18:7-8)

– Zedekiah, son of Kenaanah used an iron gore to describe how Ahab will destroy the Syrians (2 Chronicles 18:9-10)

– Micaiah was persuaded to tell King Ahab a favorable message (2 Chronicles 18:11-15)

– Micaiah prophesied Ahab will die in the battle against Syria (2 Chronicles 18:16)

– Micaiah saw a vision where a spirit suggest putting lying spirits in the mouth of Ahab’s prophets (2 Chronicles 18:17-22)

– Zedekiah rebuked and slapped Micaiah (2 Chronicles 18:23-24)

– Ahab imprisoned Micaiah (2 Chronicles 18:25-27)

– Ahab disguised himself in the battle but Jehoshaphat wore his royal robes (2 Chronicles 18:28-29)

– The Syrians mistaken Jehoshaphat as the king of Israel (2 Chronicles 18:30-32)

– Ahab was hit by a random arrow and he passed away by sunset (2 Chronicles 18:33-34)


2 Chronicles 18 Summary


It happened that King Jehoshaphat of Judah visited King Ahab of Israel. King Ahab wanted to retake back Ramoth Gilead from King Benhadad of Syria. Previously, King Ahab let King Benhadad go free on account that he made a peace treaty with him. At this, King Benhadad promised to give back the cities his father has captured from Judah back to him and it appeared that he didn’t give him back Ramoth Gilead. Now, King Ahab wanted to regain back Ramoth Gilead. He asked Jehoshaphat if he wants to go to war against King Benhadad of Syria with him. Jehoshaphat replied his people is as King Ahab’s people and he agreed to join him in war but he asked him to seek the counsel of the Lord first.

King Ahab brought together 400 prophets and all the prophets said King Ahab will surely have victory in the battle against Syria. Then, Jehoshaphat asked if there is a prophet of the Lord they could seek counsel from. King Ahab replied there is and the prophet’s name is Micaiah, son of Imlah but he don’t like him because he always prophesy bad news on him.

King Ahab and King Jehoshaphat were in their royal robes, sitting on the threshing floor near the entrance to Samaria gate. At this moment, Zedekiah, son of Kenaanah made iron horns and declared that God will let King Ahab gore and destroy the Syrians like the iron gore. When Micaiah arrived, he told King Ahab that he will certainly be victorious in the war against Syria over Ramoth Gilead. Ahab rebuked Micaiah because he knew he wasn’t telling the truth.

Micaiah then said he saw the sheep scattered on the hill without a shepherd and let everyone return to his own home. Micaiah said he saw a vision where the Lord asked the spirits around him, who can entice Ahab into war. Many spirits suggested different ideas. Finally, one spirit came forward and suggested that he will put a lying spirit into the mouth of his prophets. God approved his ideas and he said he will succeed in doing it. Therefore, the victorious message given by the 400 prophets was not the truth.

At this, Zedekiah, son of Kenaanah slapped Micaiah to rebuke his prophesy. Micaiah replied that Zedekiah will hide in an inner room on the day Israel is defeated by the Syrians. Later, King Ahab ordered his men to send Micaiah to the ruler Amon and his son, Josiah, and had him imprisoned and give him bread and water until he comes back. Then, Micaiah said if he comes back, the message he told him is not from the Lord.

King Ahab disguised himself but King Jehoshaphat wore his royal robe. The king of Syria has commanded his chariot commanders to only fight against the king of Israel. The chariot commanders mistaken King Jehoshaphat as King Ahab but King Jehoshaphat called out and they recognized it is not him so they left him alone. Later, King Ahab was hit by a random arrow. He instructed his chariot driver to wheel him out of the battle because he is wounded. By sunset, King Ahab died.


2 Chronicles 18 Bible Study


1. Don’t compromise with the world

Jehoshaphat compromised by allying himself with Ahab by marriage. Compromising put a veil over your eyes so that you cannot see the truth of God. It is wrong to mix worldliness with the gospel because doing so is sinning against God. In 1 John 2:15-18, anyone who love the world don’t have the love of the Father God in him. In Romans 12:2, we should not conform to the world but renew our mind with God’s word. When you know God’s word, you will know how to walk in the will and plan of God. In Galatians 6:14, we should not boast anything except of how you have gain a new life in the Lord Jesus Christ. In 1 John 5:19, we who are followers are the children of God but the people who follow the world are children of Satan because the world is under the influence of Satan.


2. Seek God’s counsel

Jehoshaphat agreed to go into war against Syria with Ahab but he suggested seeking the counsel of the Lord first. Before doing anything, you must discuss with Jesus and ask him to guide you in whatever you want to do. The Holy Spirit can speak to you and give you guidance so that you will succeed in what you do (John 14:26). When you pray, you must pray according to God’s will (James 4:3) and believe in what you pray. God only rewards those who believe in his existence and believe that he is a rewarder (Hebrews 11:6).


3. Don’t be stubborn in listening to God’s counsel

Ahab had Micaiah jailed because he don’t like his message. Micaiah prophesied that Ahab will die in the battle but Ahab still wanted to go into battle against Syria. Ahab was stubborn in getting his own way because he refused to listen to the message of the Lord from Micaiah. God can speak to us through various ways including pastors, fellow Christians, circumstances, scripture, dream, vision or directly to you. When God speaks to us, we must not be stubborn and tried to resist him and walk in our ways (James 4:7). Instead, we should surrender and submit to his ways. If you surrender and submit to God, God will bless you (Proverbs 23:26).