Daniel 6 Bible Study


Daniel 6 Outline 


– The government officials plotted against Daniel (Daniel 6:1-5)

– The government officials asked King Daniel to set up a law (Daniel 6:6- 9)

– Daniel continued to pray to God (Daniel 6:10)

– Daniel thrown into the lion’s den (Daniel 6:11-18)

– God saved Daniel from the lions (Daniel 6:19-24)

– King Darius honored Daniel’s God (Daniel 6:25-28)



Daniel 6 Summary


As soon as Darius take over the kingdom, he appointed 120 satraps. He also appointed three administrators over the 120 satraps Daniel was one of the three administrator that Darius had appointed. Daniel managed to capture the attention of Darius because he had outstanding qualities. He was so outstanding that Darius wanted him to become the most important official in the kingdom. The administrators and satraps were jealous of Daniel and decided to find a ground to charge him. They pay attention to his conduct in every government affair he carried out. However, they couldn’t find any ground to charge him. This is because Daniel was a trustworthy person. He wasn’t corrupted or negligent in any way. Finally, they agreed that they will never find any charge against him.


They came up with an idea to trick the king into issuing a decree that anyone who pray did not pray to him for the next 30 days will be thrown into the lion’s den. When Daniel learned about it, he went upstairs and prayed to God. Every day, he would open the windows facing towards Jerusalem and kneel down to pray to God. When the men found out that Daniel prayed to God, they went to tell the king about it. The king cannot take back his word so he agreed to throw Daniel into the lion’s den. After Daniel was thrown into the lion’s den, the king wished that God will come and rescue him. Later, the king returned to the palace. The king was so worried about Daniel that he did not sleep for the whole night.


When dawn arrives, the king rushed to the den of the lions and call out to Daniel. He asked if God had rescued him from the mouth of the lions. Daniel replied that God sent angel to shut the lion’s mouth so that they cannot harm him. When they lifted Daniel out, they found that there is not a single wound on Daniel’s body. Then, the king throw the men who were involved in the plot into the lions’ den. Their wives and children were also thrown into the lions’ den. After that, Darius issued a decree that everyone in the kingdom must pay homage to Daniel’s God.



Daniel 6 Bible Study


1. Daniel is faithful to God


Daniel set a good example as a faithful believer. His enemies were not able to find fault with him because he lived his whole life righteously before God. if you don’t want your enemies to take away your success, you should live your life in complete obedience to God’s words. In this way, your enemies will never be able to find any charges against you. Even if your enemy attacks you, you should not curse God. Instead, you should trust that he will save and protect you. In Daniel’s circumstance, the Lord sent his angels to shut the mouth of the lions so that they may not harm him. If you trust in God, he can also protect you in the same way. However, God’s protection may not be visible sometimes so you must be patient.


2. Daniel is not afraid of acknowledging his faith


The king like Daniel but the officials flatter him so much that he has to give in to sign the law. Another reason is that a king cannot take back his promise according to the law during that time. The king has no choice so he has to order the officials to put Daniel in the lions’ den. Daniel Daniel is a courageous man who openly acknowledge his faith even though the king has decreed the law that no one should pray for 30 days. In the history, many martrys have died because they choose to acknowledge their faith rther than concealing it. If Daniel is to hide from them while praying, his enemy would have found a ground to bring charges against him. Because of Daniel’s strong faith, the king also come to know God. The king was so impressed that he proclaimed that everyone in his kingdom must revere Daniel’s God.