Daniel 9 Bible Study


Daniel 9 Outline


– Daniel prayed on behalf of the Israelites (Daniel 9:1-19)

– The seventy weeks (Daniel 9:20-27)


Daniel 9 Bible Study


When Darius was reigning in the first year, Daniel read the scripture of Jeremiah and found out that Jerusalem will remain in desolation for 70 years. The first year of Darius is the year after the Babylon empire was conquered. It was also the year when the Jews were no longer banished in the exile and allowed to return to their homeland. Daniel was desperate to pray to God because he held onto God’s promise. Daniel knows that the time will come for the Lord to bring his promise to fulfillment. Daniel was certain that the promise of God will fulfill so he was motivated to pray.

In order to focus on God, Daniel decided to fast for a period of time. Fasting enables you to deny your body’s needs and concentrate on God. When praying, Daniel was very honest to God. He completely confessed all his sins as well as the sins of his people. Daniel asked for God to have mercies on the Israelites. The Israelites sinned by worshipping idols and doing abominable things that angered the Lord. Therefore, the curses written in the laws of Moses happened. Daniel was sincere in offering his prayer so God responded to him. Daniel prayed that the Lord will turn away his anger from the sins of the people and restore Jerusalem back to the original state. Daniel’s prayer seeks to give glory to God. He asked God to have mercy on them for the sake of His name and glory.

When Daniel was still praying, the messenger Gabriel came to tell him that it  take 490 years to finish the transgressions, put sin to an end, and atonement for the sin. At the end of the 490 years, the Messiah will be crucified on the cross to make the full atonement for sin so that every believer will receive everlasting righteousness. The Jews who was responsible for putting Jesus to death will be guilty of their sins. The Jews sinned for not believing Jesus is the Messiah. Instead of believing, they look forward to the coming of another Messiah. Because of their guilt, troubles will happen on their nations once again. This is about the prophecy of the coming Messiah. The crucifixion of Jesus enables sinners to receive everlasting life.