Esther 1 Bible Study



Esther 1 Outline 


– Queen Vashti refused to see the king

– The high officials suggested divorcing Queen Vashti



Esther 1 Summary


King Ahasuerus ruled 127 provinces from India to Ethiopia. When Ahasuerus was reigning in the third year, he gave a big feast for the men. The feast lasted for 180 days. When the king was holding a feast for the men, Queen Vashti was giving another feast for the women inside the palace. King Ahasuerus was very merry after drinking so much wine. On the 7th day, King Ahasuerus asked his 7 personal servants to bring Queen Vashti to him with her wearing the crown so that he can show off her beauty. Queen Vashti refused to wear her crown and come to King Ahasuerus. This made King Ahasuerus very angry. He called in his 7 highest officials to give him advice on what to do.


One of the 7 highest officials called Memucan suggested to the king to divorce Queen Vashti. Memucan said that Queen Vashti’s action will cause every woman in the kingdom to not respect their husbands. He suggested the king to write a law for the Medes and Persians so that Queen Vashti won’t be able to see him again. Instead, another woman should be chosen to replace her place as queen.



Esther 1 Bible Study


1. Ahasuerus’ advisors did not judge Queen Vashti based on biblical standards

Ahasuerus’ advisors did not follow the Biblical standards when dealing with the situation. Instead, the suggestion was made based on the principles of their culture. Queen Vashti was probably asked to expose herself sexually in front of a large crowd so she refused to go to the king. In the Persian culture, men have higher authorities than women. The refusal of Queen Vashti to obey her husband’s command was deemed as a bad role model for the women in the kingdom. They believed that other women will follow Queen Vashti’s example and refused to obey their husbands.


2. Wives should respect the headship of husbands in the household

The Bible teaches that wives must be submissive towards their husbands. It doesn’t mean that wives have to submit to husbands in all things. If the husband is right, the wife should submit and listen to him. If the husband is doing something wrong, the wife doesn’t have to submit to him. For example, it is wrong for a wife to submit to the abuse of his violent husband. The headship of a husband doesn’t mean that he has dominating control over his wife. Instead, it is more like leadership over your marriage partner based on love. The leadership of a husband is necessary in order to maintain a successful and orderly family life.


3. Women only have to submit to her husband, not other men

A woman only has to submit to her husband. She doesn’t need to submit in the same way to other men. Many women misunderstand that submission means they have to be prejudiced and discriminated by men. The Bible never says that women should be treated with prejudices and inequality in comparison to men. Nowadays, many women like to rule over their husbands at home so that they feel like they have no power at all. Wives should respect the husband’s authority as head at home and not rule over them.


4. Husbands should respect and love their wives

Even if your wife does not respect you, you should still love her as Jesus Christ loves the church (Ephesians 5:25 KJV). Christ loves the church that he sacrificed his own life on the Calvary for her. The sacrificial love of Christ is just the same as a husband’s love for his wife. Husband must love his wife and respect her as a person.  Both husband and wife must submit to each other in God’s fear (Ephesians 5:21 KJV). The wife cannot sabotage the husband’s leadership but she can strengthen her husband. Women must come to accept the unique function of being a woman so that they will stop trying to control and dominate over their husbands.