Esther 4 Bible Study



Esther 4 Outline


– Mordecai is sad when he heard about Haman’s evil plan to kill the Jews (Esther 4:1-4)

– Esther sent her servant to Mordecai (Esther 4:5-8)

– Esther refuse to beg the king for the Jew (Esther 4:9-11)

– Esther finally agreed to see the king (Esther 4:12-17)

Esther 4 Summary


When Mordecai learned about the letter, he tore his clothes and put ashes on his head. After that, he went around the city and cry. In every province, when the letter was read aloud, the Jews cried. However, Mordecai can only go as far as the palace gate because anyone wearing sackcloth is not allowed inside. When Esther’s servants saw this, they told Esther about it. Esther sent some clothes for Mordecai but he refused to wear them. Esther had a servant called Hatach. Esther called in Hatach and instructed him to ask Mordecai why he is acting this way. Mordecai told Hatach that Haman had promised to give the king a sum of money to kill the Jews. He gave a copy of the copy of the letter to Hatach so that he can show it to Esther.


Esther replied that she cannot enter into the king presence if he doesn’t hold out the golden scepter. She reminded Mordecai that the king had not called her into his presence for 30 days. Mordecai rebuked Esther by saying that if she doesn’t help them; they will somehow find a way to escape; whereas she and her family could be in danger. Mordecai warned Esther that it could be a time like this that she was made queen. Esther finally agreed to help Mordecai. She asked Mordecai and all the Jews in Shushan to fast with her for 3 days and nights. After 3 days and nights, she will venture into the presence of the king even if she has to die.



Esther 4 Bible Study


1. Being courageous and speaking out the truth


Esther was courageous in going to the king and speaking what up for what is right even when the king did not invited her. Sometimes, we are also faced in a situation where we have to speak up, even if the outcome is not going to be favorable. When we stand up to speak the truth, we can be assured that God will take care of the outcome.


2. God is in control of all incidents


The special thing about the book of Esther is that there is not a single mentioning of God. It did not make mention of anyone seeking God’s help. In truth, God was helping them secretly in the background. As in the story of Esther, God’s presence is not always visible. If you don’t see God’s help in your situation, you should not fret that God is not helping you. God can works in many wonderful ways to deliver you from your circumstances. When you put your trust in God, God will turnaround your circumstance. The turnaround of your situation does not occur because of a mere coincidence.