Esther 7 Bible Study



Esther 7 Outline


– Esther told the king about Haman’s evil plan (Esther 7:1-7)

– The King had Haman hanged on his own gallows (Esther 7:8-10)



Esther 7 Summary


The king and Haman came to the banquet that Esther prepared again. When King Ahasuerus asked Esther what is bothering her, she told him that his people were sold to be destroyed. The king was surprised to learn about it and he asked who the one behind all this is. Esther replied that it was Haman who was behind the plot. When the king heard that it was Haman, he was so furious that he went into the palace garden. Haman was so worried that he knelt down to beg the queen.


When the king came back and saw that Haman was lying over the queen, he was even more furious. The king thought Haman wanted to rape his queen so he was furious. As soon as the king said this, the men came to cover Haman’s face with a cloth. Harbonah, one of the king’s wise men, revealed that Haman had built a 50 cubit high gallows in front of his house to hang Mordecai but Mordecai had saved him from Bigthana and Teresh. After that, the king commanded Haman to be hanged on his own gallows. After Haman was hanged on the gallows, the king finally relent his anger.



Esther 7 Bible Study


1. Showing respect when asking people to do you a favor


Esther had done all the necessary preparation for the king to be receptive to her request. On the second dinner invitation, Esther decided to reveal to the king to save her people. It is important that we show respect to people in higher positions when we want to request them to do some favors.


2. Speaking up to do God’s work


Esther had a lot of courage to speak up to the king in order to protect her people from getting killed. She was courageous in speaking up for a good cause. There are times when we need to speak up and act to accomplish God’s work. We can pray for God’s help but we cannot eliminate our responsibility to act accordingly. When God wants to use you to do his work, you must do your best to achieve the desired outcome.


3. Not shutting your eyes to other people’s sins


Esther’s story teaches us that we have the responsibility to discipline the sinners in the church community. Some people prefer to shut their eyes when they see sinners perverting other Christians in the church. We must point out the wrongdoings of the sinners so that it cannot affect the church’s unity.


4. Putting your trust in God


In the end, Haman’s fate was reversed. Everything happened in the opposite just as he planned. Instead of Mordecai, he was hanged on the gallows. Although it seems that God did not perform any miracle to save the Jews, the Jews were saved from their enemies via natural ways. Originally, Haman had all the advantages while Esther and Mordecai had no advantage at all. Yet, by putting their trust in God, Esther and Mordecai is able to overturn the fates of their own people. The justice of God will always prevail in the end. Righteous people will be rewarded while the evil men will be punished for their deeds.