Esther 8 Bible Study



Esther 8 Outline


– The King gave Haman’s properties to Esther (Esther 8:1-2)

– The King gave Esther the permission to change the law Haman made (Esther 8:3-13)

– The Jews rejoiced about the new law (Esther 8:14-17)


Esther 8 Summary


King Ahasuerus gave Esther everything that belonged to Haman. Esther revealed to the king about her relationship to Mordecai, that she was her cousin. When the king learned about this, he promoted Mordecai to the highest official in the kingdom. He also gave the ring that Haman wore to Mordecai. Esther remembered about her people and she went to beg the king to do something about it. In response to Esther’s petition, the king gave Esther the authority to write a new law to save her people. King Ahasuerus let Esther used his ring to validate the law.


On the 23rd of Sivan (the third month), the king secretaries wrote a new law that allow the Jewish people to defend themselves by fighting back the enemies on the 13th of Adar (the twelfth month). Mordecai wore blue and white robes, a large gold crown and a line cape made of purple cloth. The messengers rode the fastest horses and delivered the letters to different provinces in the kingdom. When the Jews learned about the news, they were celebrated it with joy.



Esther 8 Bible Study


1. Sin Brings Bad Consequences


Haman’s decree was in effect even though he already died. Just like Haman, our sins can continue to affect other people. It is better to not sin because sin can cause negative consequences. You may have already repented from the sin but other people who are influenced by you previously may continue to sin. For example, your child may learn your bad habit. In this case, you should keep on giving godly advice to your child so that he can be persuaded to change the bad habit.


2. Taking the Initiatives to Help Others in Need


Esther loved her people so much that she dared to risk her life to speak up to the king. Esther was brave enough to speak what she needs to speak. When we see the people around us in trouble, we should take the initiative to help them. When we see a brother or sister doing something wrong, we should speak up and tell them about their fault. In this way, they can learn from their lesson and stop repeating the mistake. Many Christians often show sympathy towards people who are in need of help but they never really take actions to help them. We should strive to do our best to help the people around us. We should grab every opportunity to spread the gospel to disbelievers so that they can come to know Jesus as well.


3. Being Sure of Your Salvation


Many non-Jews that lived in the Media Persia kingdom were converted to Judaism because they were afraid of what the Jews might do to them. There are many people who become Christians because they want to get blessings from God. Some people become Christians because their parents or spouses are Christians. We must be sure of our salvation. We must really understand the meaning of Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins.