Joel 1 Bible Study


Joel 1 Outline


– Joel introduced himself (Joel 1:1)

– The land of Israel is invaded with locusts (Joel 1:2-12)

– Joel asked the people to repent (Joel 1:13-20)


Joel 1 Summary


The name of Joel is defined as Jehovah is God. It is not known where Joel is born. Joel prophesied to the people in Judah during the time when King Joash and King Amaziah reign. Joel pronounced the disaster of swarming locusts on the Israelites because they sin and refused to repent.


In Joel 1, the prophet Joel talks about how their land has been affected by large swarms of locusts. They had such a serious problem of locusts that all their crops were destroyed. At that time, the Israelites were also facing a big famine in their land. The locust plague that the Israelites experienced is the worst they ever experienced. Joel described the destructive locusts in different ways. When Pharaoh refused to let go of the Israelites, God also struck the Egyptians with the locusts plague. Deuteronomy 28:38 says that God will punish the disobedient Israelites by making the locusts eat their crops.


There was no rain so all their fields, olive orchards, vine orchards and fruit trees could not survive. The drought and attack of the locusts on their crops prevent them from bringing offerings of grain and wine. Their food supply was gone so the celebration of the festivals at the temple ceased as well. Because they cannot make any offering to the Lord, their relationships with God became weakened.


In Joel 1:13-14, Joel made a calling to the priests to mourn, fast and pray sincerely for God to forgive their sins. God made all these terrible things happen because he didn’t want the Israelites to just worship them with their sacrifices. God wanted the Israelites to worship him with their hearts. The prophet Joel asked the Israelites to turn to God and repent their sins so that God will restore their land. He asked the Israelites to fast and pray earnestly to God. During the days of Joel, the land of Israel was experiencing a terrible aftermath of the locust invasion. The Israelites need to repent to prevent God from punishing them further.



Joel 1 Bible Study


1. God is Patient towards Sinners


Joel’s message of the locusts plague is foreshadows of the judgment day in the end time. It is a time when chances are still available for people to get saved. God is patient towards our sinful nature. He gives us the freedom to choose life or death. If you choose to obey God, you will be saved and not destroyed. If you are disobedient, you will surely receive God’s punishment in the end. Just like the Israelites, we face economic crisis. When we face financial problems, we can choose to depend on God or depend on our own resources. Financial problems can move us closer to God.


2. Too Much Money Can Make You Proud and Forsake Your Christian Faith


In Matthew 19:24, God says it is easier for a camel to go through the needle hole than for a rich man to inherit the kingdom of God. People in poor countries such as Africa are easier to accept God. Many rich people feel that they have everything they need so they don’t want to accept Jesus. However, this does not mean that God wants you to be poor. Poor people are more humbled than rich people. Too many possessions can tempt us to follow the world and forget about God. In times of financial difficulties, you should keep your eyes on Jesus so that he can give you a financial breakthrough.