Joel 2 Bible Study


Joel 2 Outline


– Joel Compares the Day of the Lord with Powerful Locusts Invasion (Joel 2:1-11)

– God Invites the Israelites to Repent (Joel 2:12-17)

– The People Repent and God Promise to Bless them (Joel 2:18-24)

– God Will Rescue His People from the Enemies (Joel 2:25-27)

– God Will Work Wonders Among His People (Joel 2:28-32)



Joel 2 Summary


Joel 2 compared the enemy army of Israel to large swarms of locusts, destroying everything in their sights. The destruction caused by the locusts is only a small taste of what will happen during the Judgment Day. It is suggested that Joel was written around 800-850 B.C. The coming army described in the book of Joel could be either the Assyrians or Babylonians army. It could also be referring to an invasion that God will bring if the Israelites refuse to repent from their sins.


In Joel 2:12-17, God invited the Israelites to return to him and put forth the requirement for deliverance. He asked his people, the Israelites, to start fasting and mourning. He asked them not to rip off their clothes but turn back to him wholeheartedly. If the Israelites are willing to repent, he will have mercy and not punish them with disasters. In Joel 2:13 KJV, God described himself as a God who is ‘gracious, merciful, slow to anger and of great kindness’. Once they repent, God promised he will stop the drought and famine. He promised he will bless their land so that they will have enough grain and wine offering to bring to the temple once again.


God wanted all his people to worship him including elders, newlyweds, children and babies. God mentioned newlyweds, children and babies because these groups of people are usually not sad. The prophet Joel asked God to save their nation because he did not want the foreigners to perceive the Israelites’ God as a useless God. If the Israelites get conquered by foreigners, the enemies will laugh at them and say ‘where is their God’.


Joel 2:18-27 shows that the Israelites did appeared to have listened to Joel’s preaching and repented from their sins. The Lord promised to restore their land by bringing back the rains in proper seasons. Because the Israelites had repented, he will no longer let the foreign nations subdue them. Instead, he will help them chase away their enemy army. God promised to rescue the Israelites from the famine. He will get rid of the swarms of locusts that are attacking their crops. Zion is the place where the temple of God was built. Zion is also referred as Jerusalem by some people. God reminds the Israelites that he will always been at their side if they keep their covenant, which is to worship only him. If they only worship him, God will never let their nation be put to shame.


Joel 2:28-32, God promised he will give his spirit (the Holy Spirit) to everyone who believes in his son Jesus. In Acts 2, during the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit descends on the believers and they started to speak in the tongue languages. God will give prophetic dreams to the old men and visions to the young men.


Joel 2:31-32 says that the sun and star will no longer shine during the end time. In the end time, the moon will turn into blood red color. When the day of Armageddon arrives, God will only save those who have faithfully worshiped him.



Joel 2 Bible Study


1. Too Much Wealth Can Make You Become Proud and Self-Centered


The problem of locusts exists in various parts of the world. If there are too many locusts, the farmers will experience a great loss. A large swam of locusts can finish the crops within a short period. Locusts represent self-indulgence and self-centeredness. The sin of self-indulgences can eat up you ultimately. God gave the Israelites a chance to repent after they had run off to other gods for many years.


2. Every Christian Has the Gift of the Holy Spirit


In Joel 2:28-29, God says he will give his spirits to his servants including men and women. This prophecy was fulfilled many centuries later, when God filled the followers who have gathered in the house with the Holy Spirit and they started to speak in tongues (Acts 2). During those days, it is not common for the people to receive the Holy Spirit. Only the prophets receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Today, every Christian has the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lives in your heart and he can speak to you to provide guidance. Every Christian has at least a spiritual gift, which we can use to serve God and spread the good news.