Joel 3 Bible Study



Joel 3 Outline


– God is going to bring judgment on the nations (Joel 3:1-16)

– God promises to bless the faithful people (Joel 3:17-21)



Joel 3 Summary


In Joel 3, God promised to make Judah and Jerusalem prosper again one day. This will happen when he bring back the Israelites that are in exile back to their land. At that time, he will punish the foreign nations who used to oppress the Israelites. God loves his people now and he will punish those who brought them into exile in other countries.


The people of Tyre, Sidon and Philistia will have to pay back for what they had done to the Israelites. The Valley of Jehoshaphat is also known as the Judgment Valley, where God will judge the nations from around the world. God promised to be kind to his people and never let foreign nations take over their land because they have already repented from their evil ways and stop worshipping false gods. Joel 3:19-21 talks about the cruel things Edom and Egypt had done to the people of Judah. They killed many of the people in Judah even though they did not do any harm to them.



Joel 3 Bible Study


1. God is Always Merciful and Patient Towards Us


The book of Joel is about God sending a locust plague to warn the Israelites that they are about to be handed over to the enemies if they continue to be rebellious. God will only stop the army invasion if the nation of Israel repents. Eventually, the Israelites did listened to the prophesy of Joel and repented from their sins. After the Israelites repented, God relented his judgment and promised to bless the land again. God promises to deliver the enemies who once attacked Israel. After the final judgment has taken place, God will establish his kingdom in Israel forever.


Joel did not state exactly what sin the Israelites had committed. However, from reading the book of Joel, we know that God does not tolerate sins. Those who are stubborn and refuse to repent will receive God’s punishment either in the world or after death. God is merciful and patient towards us. Whenever we changed our mind and repent, he is there to forgive us. If you sin, you must sincerely confess your sins and repent from it. To repent is not only knowing what you did is wrong and regretting it but it also means to have a desire to stop sinning. If you find it difficult to stop sinning, you can ask God to give you strength. God will always be there to strengthen sinners who need help in overcoming sins. God is the creator of this earth and he controls all the events that happen in the world.