Jonah 4 Bible Study


Jonah 4 Outline


– Jonah got angry at God because he relented his anger from the Ninevites



Jonah 4 Summary

When Jonah knew that God changed his mind about destroying Nineveh, he was angry with him. Jonah knew that God is patient and merciful so he made up his mind to leave for Spain in the first place. After preaching the message, he regretted and wished he would be better off dead. The Lord rebuked him by saying he had no right to be angry. After preaching the message, Jonah went out of the city to build a shelter. As he sat under the shelter, God made a tall vine tree to grow up over his head so that it could provide shade.

On the next day, God sent a worm to chew on the vine. When the vine plant withered, it no longer provides shade for Jonah. Later, God sent a scorching wind and hot sun to beat down on Jonah’s head so that he felt faint. Now, Jonah became so angry that he wanted to die. Nineveh and Israel are enemies.

Jonah 4 Bible Study


1. Looking at life optimistically

Jonah was angry because Nineveh was an arch enemy of Israel. He was angry that God did not destroy the people of Nineveh because he wanted to avenge them for what they did to the Israelites. At first, Jonah was commanded by God to go to Nineveh to preach the message of repentance to the people. After that, Jonah was thrown into the sea and swallowed by a fish. After Jonah preached the repentance message, God had mercy on the people and did not bring the destruction he had planned. Finally, God take away the vine tree that is providing shade for Jonah. Just like Jonah, things don’t happen in the way we wanted all the time. At some points in lives, we will fret because everything did not happen in the way you want it to be. Instead of complaining, we should look life at the right perspective.

2. God cares for everyone

Jonah sulked because he lost the shade from the vine tree. However, he did not care if God destroys Nineveh and everyone in it die. In Nineveh, there are more than 120,000 residents who don’t know what is right and wrong. Therefore, it is right for God to give them a chance to learn about their sins and stop doing wrong. God cares for everyone regardless of the race, skin color, or where you come from. God is the creator of every human that live in earth. Before you born, God made and designed every single detail in your body. Psalms 139:12 says ‘For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.’ (KJV)