Judges 12 Bible Study


Judges 12 Outline


– Jephthah Fights with the Ephraimites (Judges 12:1-9)

– Ibzan (Judges 12:8-10)

– Elon (Judges 12:11-12)

– Abdon (Judges 12:13-15)



Judges 12 Summary


The men of Ephraim complained to Jephthah why he didn’t call them to fight the Ammonites. Jephthah replied he did call them to help fight the Ammonites but they ignored it. The men of Ephraim did not accept Jephthah reply and threatened that he is going to burn down his house with him in it. Jephthah was angry with the Ephraimites and he called together fighting men in Gilead. The men of Jephthah defeated the Ephraimites.


They even post guards at the place where the Ephraimites were supposed to cross the Jordan River. The Ephraimites had to cross the Jordan River before they can reach their homes. Whenever a person wanted to cross the river, the guard would ask him to pronounce Shibboleth. If the person says Sibboleth, it means that he is an Ephraimites and the guard will kill him immediately. This is because the Ephraimites cannot pronounce the word Sibboleth properly. Jephthah ruled Israel for 6 years. After he died, the people buried him in a city in Gilead.


After Jephthah died, Ibzan judged Israel. Ibzan had 30 sons and 30 daughters. Ibzan judged Israel for 7 years. Elon, judged Israel after Ibzan died. Elon was a judge in Israel for 10 years. After that, Abdon became the judge of Israel. Abdon judged Israel for 8 years. Abdon had forty sons and thirty grandsons.



Judges 12 Bible Study


1. Bad Pride Can Get Us Into Trouble


The Ephraimites were full of pride and always on the lookout for glory. They refused to give in and forget about the matter. Because they assumed Jephthah did not call them to join the battle, they were angry and ready to kill him. Pride is a type of self-esteem that makes people feels arrogance. There are good pride and bad pride. Bad pride is no good because it can get you into trouble one day. Both of them could not tolerate each other so they had to fight. Even though they were from the same family, they did not tolerate each other. Jephthah had to fight because he wanted to protect his life. The Ephraimites were full of pride so they did not tolerate Jephthah. As a result, many of them were massacred by Jephthah’s army. According to the bible, about 42,000 Ephraimites die.


2. We Should Humble Ourselves in All Circumstances


We should always humble ourselves and not give in to pride in every situation. If someone offended you, you should just forget about it and not harbor hatred in your heart. The bible says that you must forgive others before God will forgive your sins. If you find pride in your heart, you should admit to God about it and ask him to forgive you without giving any excuses.