Judges 14 Bible Study


Judges 14 Outline


– Samson killed a young lion (Judges 14:1-7)

– Samson found honey in the lion’s carcass (Judges 14:8-9)

– Samson challenged the Philistines with a riddle (Judges 14:10-20)



Judges 14 Summary


Samson fell in love with a Philistine woman while he was at Timnath. He went back home and asked his parents to get the Philistine woman as his wife. His parents objected by asking him to taking one of the wives in their own clan because the Philistines were pagans. Samson was stubborn so his parents had no choice but to get the Philistine woman to be his wife. God purposely made Samson fell in love with the Philistine woman because he wanted to create troubles for the Philistines.


When Samson and his parents were on their way to Timnath, Samson came across a young lion. The young lion attempted to attack Samson but Samson ripped its flesh off like it is a young goat kid. After some time, Samson took the same path to Timnath to marry the Philistine woman as his wife. While traveling on the path, he came across the carcass of the lion which he had killed earlier. He found some honey in the lion’s skeleton so he scooped it out and eat it. He also gave some honey to his parents but he did not tell them how he found it.


It happened that 30 young Philistine men were present at Samson’s wedding party. Samson decided to challenge the 30 young Philistine men with a riddle of the lion and the honey he found in it. The riddle that Samson gave was ‘Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness.’ Samson gave them three days to tell him the answer. If they couldn’t give him the answer, they are to give him 30 sheets and 30 sets of garments. If they managed to give him the answer, he is to give each of them a sheet and a full set of garment. When the men couldn’t come up with the answer to the riddle, they threatened Samson wife that they will burn her and her family if she don’t tell them the answer.


Samson’s wife was very worried about what the Philistine men might do to her family so she kept on nagging Samson to give her the answer. Finally, Samson gave in and told her that the answer to the riddle. She told the men and they told Samson the riddle’s answer in turn. Samson was angry that they know the answer to the riddle because he knew his wife told them. The Holy Spirit filled Samson and he went to Ashkelon to kill 30 Philistines men. Then, he took off their clothing and gave them to the 30 young Philistine men. Later, he returned home to his family and his wife was given to one of the young Philistine men.



Judges 14 Bible Study


1. The rebellious nature of Samson


Samson had a rebellious nature. Since birth, Samson was dedicated to God as a Nazarite. As a Nazarite, Samson must make himself holy and set apart of God. Although he was not allowed to drink fermented drinks, he went to parties and drink wine. Nazarites are not allowed to touch dead corpse of an animal or human. Samson knew that he was a Nazarite but he touched the corpse of the lion. Another rule is that Nazarites cannot cut their hair. Samson’s hair was never cut off until he was deceived by a Philistine woman called Delilah.


2. Samson did not honor God in the things he did


God clearly does not want his people to marry women of other nations because of their pagan practices. He knew that the Philistine people were enemies to his own people. Yet, Samson chose to marry a Philistine woman. Samson never cares to obey God. He tends to put himself near to temptation. God had a plan for Samson. He wanted to use Samson to rescue his own people, the Israelites, but Samson had failed to honor him in many ways. He had done a lot of evil things to bring dishonor instead of glory to God. He acted just like a pagan. Fortunately, Samson repented at the end of his life.


3. Pleasing and honoring God in all that we do


Christians should only have one ambition in life, that is, to seek to please God in all things that they do. God loves each and everyone one of us. Therefore, we should do things that please God and bring honor to him. In this way, you will be able to bear testimony to the people around you. Through your good role model, they will know the greatness of God.