Judges 15 Bible Study


Judges 15 Outline


– Samson found out his wife is given to a Philistine man (Judges 15:1-3)

– Samson burned the Philistines’ wheat fields, vineyards and olive orchards (Judges 15:4-5)

– Samson hacked the Philistines into many pieces (Judges 15:6-8)

– The Israelites bound Samson with ropes at Etam Rock (Judges 15:9-14)

– Samson killed the Philistines with a donkey jawbone (Judges 15:15-20)


Judges 15 Summary


During the wheat harvest, Samson paid a visit to his wife with a young goat kid. He asked his father in law to let him go and sleep with his wife. However, his father in law would not let him enter because he had already given his daughter to another Philistine man. When Samson learned about this, he was very angry. He caught 300 foxes and tied oil rags on their tails.


After that, he set their tails on fire and let them run free in the corn fields that belonged to the Philistines. This caused the whole corn field to be on fire. The fire burned the vineyards and olive orchards of the Philistines as well. When the Philistine learned that their fields have been burnt, they asked around to find out who did it. After asking around, they found out that it was Samson who set their fields on fire because his wife was given to a Philistine man. The Philistines wanted to revenge so they proceeded to burn his wife and the father of his wife.


Samson was even angrier when he discovered that the Philistines burnt his wife and his father in law. To take his revenge, he killed many of the Philistines. Later, he escaped to the Etam rock and lived there temporarily. The Philistines wanted to take revenge so they pitch their camps in Judah. The Israelites were afraid of what the Philistines might do to them so they went to the Etam rock to catch Samson. Samson allowed the men to bind him with ropes but they may not kill him themselves. They used 2 new ropes to bind Samson. When Samson was nearing the field of Lehi, the Philistines started to cheer loudly. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit filled Samson and he broke the ropes like flax that are already burnt with fire.

Samson looked around and saw a new jawbone that used to belong to an ass. He used the jawbone to slain 1,000 Philistine men. After the battle, he felt thirsty so he prayed to God to give him some water to drink. God made a river to flow out of a cleft rock in Lehi. Samson called the river Enhakkore. The place is also called the jawbone because of Samson won a battle against the Philistines by using a jawbone.



Judges 15 Bible Study


1. Samson’s victory at Lehi is a representation of Christ’s victory in his crucifixion

Samson’s victory at Lehi is illustrated as the victory of Christ at the Calvary. Just as Samson was bound by the Judah tribe and brought to the enemies, Jesus Christ was bound by his enemies and brought to the Calvary to be crucified. Samson willingly surrendered himself to the Israelites just like Jesus willingly surrendered himself to the Roman soldiers. When Samson seems to be at his weakest, he was able to break the rope and gain a victorious battle against the Philistines. This applies to Jesus’ crucifixion as well. Jesus seems to be at the weakest moment of his life when he was nailed to the cross by his enemies. Yet, he won a victorious battle by rising from the dead on the third day after dying on the cross.

The cleft rock is represented by the crucifixion of Christ on the cross. The water that came out from the rock is a representation of the living water which comes from the Lord. Samson drank the water from the rock and felt rejuvenated. Because of Christ’s victory at the Calvary, the living water is poured out to all men. (Romans 10: 13)


2. We reconcile to God because Jesus died on the cross for our sins


The ass is an unclean animal to the Israelites people. The jawbone of the ass is a symbolic representation of sins. It reminds us that Jesus died on the cross so that our uncleanness (sins) can be wiped away and be purified for him. The stripes that Jesus bore already give us victory over all kinds of sins, illnesses and problems. Therefore, all you need to do is to claim God’s promises when seeking for God’s healing. The jawbone was taken from the corpse of a donkey, who died recently. Just like the donkey jawbone, Jesus’ body was not corrupted at all (Psalms 16:7-11; Romans: 18-22)